May 1999 Tapes Available
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Guest Host - *Dave Wilson
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05-03-99 Rod Cameron. Y2K and Beyond. More ideas on what you ______@ can do. Why and how to make preparations. 05-04-99 *Dr. Gerald Atkinson. Radical feminism is destroying the _______ Navy. 05-05-99 *Larry Bates. Editor:Economic & Monetary Review. What will _______ Y2K precipitate? (TOM) 05-06-99 *Peter Hammond. Front Line Ministries. Ministering to _______ persecuted Christians, and the decline of South Africa under Nelson Mandela. 05-07-99 *Dr. Dennis Cuddy. Author:Secret Records Revealed. Rhodes _______ scholars and the history of the New World Order. 05-10-99 *Dr. James Hirsen. Professor at Trinity Law School. What _______ charters and treaties were violated when NATO (& America) attacked Kosovo? (TOM) 05-11-99 *Holly Swanson. Author, Set Up & Sold Out. The insidious _______ infiltration of the Green Movement. Know what to look for! 05-11-99 Gus Stelzer. Author, "The Nightmare of Camelot." An ______@ expose` of the free trade Trojan horse. 05-12-99 *Pastor John Weaver. Author, The Christian & Civil _______ Government. The Constitution and Romans 13. 05-13-99 *Henry Lamb. Founder, eco.logic. Global Governance. What is_______ it? How does it differ from Global Government? How implementation is being carried out. 05-14-99 *Pat Matrisiciana. Jeremiah Films, Citizens for Honest _______ Government. His new video, Let My Children Go. The use of education to alter the perception of the next adult generation. Why schools create a climate which promotes violence. 05-18-99 Dee Zahner. Author, The Secret Side of History. Mystery ______@ Babylon and The New World Order. Is there a hidden power that controls world events? 05-24-99 Terry Cook. Author, Big Brother NSA and its "Little _______ Brothers". The Global Surveillance Network and YOU! (TOM) 05-24-99 Devvy Kidd. Interesting info on the IRS. You can influence_______ election outcomes. 05-25-99 Jeri Lyn Ball. Socialism:Its insidious infiltration. Know ______@ the signs to watch for. Don't take anything for granted, especially what you hear on the mainstream news media. 05-26-99 Dr. Ron Hattis. HIV communicability. It has not been _______ conquered. 05-26-99 Dr. Russell Blaylock. What prisoners of war have had to ______@ endure through testing. You thought the days of Hitler's experiments were over! 05-28-99 Sam Parades. Gun owners of California. The move toward gun______@ confiscation. 05-31-99 William Dorich. Author, KOSOVO. A wonderful look at the _______ history of Kosovo. What we don't know: what we need to know. Why America and NATO don't belong there. (TOM)

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