Radio Liberty now offers the Miracle II soap products. When we first heard about them, and read the literature on them, we didn’t know quite what to think. Over a period of several weeks, however, we began to hear stories of how many people had been helped. Stories began to emerge of long-term rashes disappearing, and fungal infections being controlled.

The regular soap can be diluted 3 to 1 with water, which makes it very economic to use. The moisturizing soap can also be diluted (or used full strength) as a shampoo and in the shower. It takes very little to get a good lather. It works very well in the shower.

Looking at the list of ingredients, there does not seem to be much of anything that would account for the results that are being obtained. One notable thing is that the products contain no animal fat as many soaps and shampoos do. The only thing that the man who “developed” the formula asks is that for all successes, the glory is to be given to God.

One of the other reasons that we decided to carry the products is that part of the profit goes to help supply the soap, etc., to veterans who cannot afford to pay for them. Many of these men and women have had rashes and infections that have persisted for years. They are now obtaining relief.

If you would like information regarding the products, please send your address to Radio Liberty at P.O. Box 969, Soquel, CA, 95073 or call 800-544-8927.

Miracle II Soap Special

Soap - 22 oz.
Moisturizing Soap - 22 oz.
Neutralizer - 22 oz.
Skin Moisturizer - 8 oz.
Neutralizer Gel - 8 oz.


8 lbs.

MIRACLE 2 SOAP: This is the clear green soap that is used for all types of light, medium and heavy cleaning, including fruits and vegetables. Dilute it to the strength you prefer. We personally use just a few drops per bucked of water or dishwater. You will see by trial and error how much you need. Remember, it is very concentrated. One drop on your toothbrush with a few drops of Neutralizer will CLEAN your teeth. Many people use this soap for their bathing and showering also. 22 Ozs. ($20.00) + shipping.

1 Gallon size: $85.00 + shipping.







MIRACLE 2 MOISTURIZING SOAP: This is the greenish creamy color soap which is for bathing and especially for those with dry skin. For extremely dry skin, an ounce of olive oil can be added. This is great for cleaning dogs, cats, kids and husband. It can be used for cleaning, however, this will streak windows and tile. I wash my hair with it, towel dry and spritz with Neutralizer. 22 Ozs. ($20.00) + shipping.

1 Gallon size: $85.00 + shipping.







MIRACLE 2 MOISTURIZER: Excellent for moisturizing the skin. I keep it handy and use it full strength. The Moisturizer is made with cold pressed oils. 8 Ozs. ($20.00) + shipping.

1 Gallon size: $200.00 + shipping.








Neutralizer - 22 oz. $20.00
Neutralizer - 1 Gallon $80.00
Neutralizer dehydrated Packet Makes 1 gal. $60.00 (may ship by itself 1st class for $2.50)






Neutralizer Gel - 8 oz. $20.00
Neutralizer Gel - 1 Gallon $200.00







Credit card orders may be faxed to: (831) 464-8427 or call (800) 544-8927
Check or Money Order to: Radio Liberty, PO Box 969, Soquel, CA 95073
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Radio Liberty carries Miracle II products. The manufacturer claims his products have many uses, but the FDA hasn't approved them for medicinal purposes. The label on several products says they contain "eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water." A friend checked the oxygen level and found it about the same as water. On the other hand, Miracle II products work well. The soap contains no animal products and doesn't leave an oily residue. My family used the products for six months before we offered them to listeners. We wouldn't be without them. The Moisturizing Lotion is readily absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. The Soap makes an excellent cleaner, and many people have reported that areas cleaned with the soap is avoided by ants. Some people claim their chronic rash improved or disappeared when they used the Moisturizing Soap and or Moisturizing Lotion. Many people report that the Neutralizer helps heartburn significantly, but the FDA hasn't approved the product for that use.

The only thing I can guarantee is that Miracle II is "good soap," and works well. The products include regular soap, moisturizing soap, and lotion. Most of our sales involve repeat customers who are happy with the products.

If you have questions, call 800-544-8927, leave your name and telephone number, and we will be happy to call and help you.

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