February 2010


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"Hours after Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. vowed unyielding American support for Israel's security here on Tuesday, Israel's Interior Ministry announced 1,600 new housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem. Mr. Biden condemned the move as 'precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now' . . . A statement issued in the name of the Interior Ministry but distributed by the prime minister's office said that the housing plan was three years in the making and that its announcement was procedural and unrelated to Mr. Biden's visit."
The New York Times, March 10, 2010 [1]

"On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia urgently summoned US Defense Secretary Robert Gates for clarifications on the Iranian problem, and on Sunday US Central Command chief General David Petraeus shared with CNN that' . . . there are countries (in the Gulf) that would like to see a strike (on Iran), us or perhaps Israel, even. . . .'

This is the clearest indication yet of the pressure the US is facing from its crucial Arab allies in the Middle East, and it bears noting that Egypt, too, is firmly opposed to the Iranian regime and its nuclear program. It may well be that the American adminis- tration is faced with the choice to take action against Iran or to see its entire Middle East policy disintegrate."
Asian Times, March 13, 2010 [2]

Last month I expressed my concern about the Brotherhood of Darkness's effort to draw the United States into a war with Iran. Why do I believe war is imminent? I have interviewed a number of people who have access to information that is not readily available in the United States, and all of them believe the U.S. will go to war with Iran if the current effort to destabilize that nation fails. When will the war begin?

Lindsey Williams' information came from a member of the BOD who told Lindsey (in October 2009) the war will begin in 18 months - unless Israel attacks Iran. Lindsey talked to Mr. X recently (in February 2010), and was told the same thing.

Dr. Jerome Corsi visited Israel in 2009, and interviewed all of the important leaders of that nation. He believes the war will begin in 6-12 months.

Ray McGovern was a senior CIA analyst for 27 years. He believes the war will begin within 6 months.

John Quirk worked for the CIA for 27 years, and has contacts throughout the Near East and the Middle East. He believes the war will begin within 6 months.

Barry Chamish has extensive contacts in Israel. He believes a war between Israel and Hizballah is imminent, but Barry doesn't believe Israel will attack Iran.

Avi Lipkin was an official spokesman for the Israeli military for many years, and his wife currently works for Israeli Intelligence. Avi believes the war with Iran could start any day.

The remainder of this letter is a transcript of an interview I did with Avi on February 23, 2010. A few words have been inserted [in brackets] to facilitate reading, and a few redundant words have been deleted, but I did not alter the text of the interview.

The transcript is recorded in regular type. My commentary is recorded in bold type.

Dr. Stan: On the line with us is Avi Lipkin, also known as Victor Mordecai. Avi is an Israeli citizen who tours the United States, and brings us up to date [on] what is really going on in the Near East.

Certainly. Hizballah has something like 85 thousand sophisticated missiles. They can rain those down on little Israel tomorrow and destroy all of the major cities and kill millions of people. Syria has sophisticated missiles, and many people believe they are armed with . . . [biologic] and chemical warheads. Iran appears to be busily manufacturing nuclear weapons, [and] they have threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. . . . Certainly many people here, and in Israel, think Israel is going to have to get involved . . . very soon [and] that Israel cannot wait.

Avi has a pretty good grasp as to what is going on. I don't know anybody who can discuss the affairs over there better than he can . . . He is on a tour of America, speaking almost every evening.

Well, tell us what's going on over there [in Israel]. Why was Netanyahu in [Russia] during this past week? How close are we to a conflict? Is [the situation] being blown out of proportion? Why did [Ehud] Barak stop distributing gas masks to the Israeli people? Why did he [Ehud Barak] pull the Israeli troops off the Golan Heights? What do you foresee? Give us the lowdown.

Commentary: Ehud Barak resumed distribution of gas masks shortly after the interview.

Avi Lipkin: Well, . . . there are primarily two scenarios of interest to us in Israel, and I would say, Christians in America, above and beyond what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan and Yemen . . . where the U.S. Military is involved. . . . They are all fronts with the same enemy, the Islamic enemy. But, in Israel, we have two things that interest us. What is going to happen with Iran, and what is going to happen with Syria, Hizballah, Lebanon, and Gaza.

Now firstly, what I have been saying all along is that Iran is a cancer that is metastasizing into many countries. So we see, for example, Iranian IEDs blowing up American troops in Iraq, [and] . . . Afghanistan. The Iranians are . . . using their well-produced IEDs to harm American troops. They are blowing up Sunnis in Iraq, and the Saudis [are] blowing up Shiites in Iraq . . . [its] a proxy war - Iran is sending its tentacles into Afghanistan, Iraq, [and] Syria. The Syrian government . . . is propped up by Iran, [and] Hizballah got its 85 thousand missiles from Iran. The war in Yemen is rarely . . . covered in the American media but in Israel we watch it very closely. The Huthi tribe is being backed up by the Iranian Shiites in order to take over Yemen and defeat the Sunnis. . . .

Iran is a cancer in the body of the world that is metastasizing and threatening many different countries, and it is very important to stress that the primary threat of Iran is not to Israel, and not to the Christians, but to the Sunni regime in Saudi Arabia as well as Sunnis everywhere in the Islamic world. The Shiite Iranians want hegemony over all of the Islamic world and so I have developed a theory that nobody else is saying, but one of the good things about your show is that you provide different viewpoints which may or may not be true, [and] you may or may not agree [with].

Commentary: Why does the BOD want to go to war with Iran at this time? The CIA installed the radical Shiite regime in Teheran in 1979, and now they (the BOD) want to destroy it. On March 10, 2010, The New York Times reported:

"Hours after Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. vowed unyielding American support for Israel's security here on Tuesday, Israel's Interior Ministry announced 1,600 new housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem. Mr. Biden condemned the move as 'precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now.' . . . A statement issued in the name of the Interior Ministry but distributed by the prime minister's office said that the housing plan was three years in the making and that its announcement was procedural and unrelated to Mr. Biden's visit. . . . Mr. Biden came to Jerusalem largely to assure the Israelis of Washington's commitment to its security and to restart peace talks with the Palestinians.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the Palestinian government, called the new housing announcement 'a dangerous decision that will torpedo the negotiations and sentence the American efforts to complete failure.'" [3]

Commentary: Why did Prime Minister Netanyahu's office release a "housing document" that was designed to promote tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians when Hizballah has 85,000 missiles aimed at Israel, and Syria probably has a similar number of missiles that are armed with chemical and biological warheads? If you try to explain the situation logically, it doesn't make sense.

Avi Lipkin believes the leaders of the Sunni nations want the United States to attack Iran because they fear Teheran will obtain nuclear weapons and dominate the Middle East. A recent article in The Asia Times discussed the apparent conflict between the U.S. and Israel, and the animosity between the leaders of the two branches of the Moslem faith.

Victor Kotsev from the Asia Times reports:

"This leaves us with a final set of two options. On the one hand, if the US is truly adamant - as appears to be the case - in its pressure on Israel to hold back from a strike, Netanyahu most likely sees that as both a personal insult and a grave exist- ential threat to Israel. In this context, his message to Biden could be interpreted as a stern warning that he means business with his threats to attack, and that the US has more to lose than to gain by twisting his arms.

On the other hand, there exists the possibility that the whole thing is a masquerade designed to divert attention from an impending joint US-Israel strike on Iran. Obama is unlikely to be comfortable with such a decision, but a number of analysts have argued that in the end, he might not have much of a choice. It is just about clear that diplomacy or sanctions won't stop the Iranian nuclear program; moreover, it is not just Israel that feels threatened by Iran.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia urgently summoned US Defense Secretary Robert Gates for clarifications on the Iranian problem, and on Sunday US Central Command chief General David Petraeus shared with CNN that '. . . there are countries (in the Gulf) that would like to see a strike [on Iran], us or perhaps Israel, even. . . .'" [4]

Commentary: Is the current conflict between Israel and the U.S. a charade? Will the U.S. attack Iran because the leaders of the Sunni nations fear the Shiite regime?

Avi Lipkin continued:

I am saying that President Obama is going to lead a one-world government coalition to overthrow the regime of Iran. I used to say that Israel would lead the attack. I don't believe this anymore. I believe Israel will be told to stay out of it. The Saudis do not want any Jewish contact with what is going on. They don't want any Jewish contamination. It's just like in Desert Storm in 1991 [when] Saddam Hussein attacked Israel with 39 scuds and Israel did not counterattack at the orders of Casper Weinberger. In 2003, [during] the invasion of Iraq, Israel also did not have anything to do with it at the orders of the U.S. government. The U.S. government is very clearly coordinated with the Saudis.

Now there are 4 reasons for the [coming] war -

The first reason . . . which is the least of the reasons, is the nuclear threat. Nobody . . . in the world [cares] if Israel gets nuked except for some Christians and Jews. The second reason, which is also not very important, but is more important than Israel, and that is the Iranian people rising up in revolt against the Iranian regime. The Iranian people need . . . troops on the ground [to back them up]. America is virtually bankrupt. America cannot send in U.S. military forces like it did in the past because America is already overstretched . . . in Iraq and Afghanistan. So what you need, basically, is a United Nations effort in which France, Germany, Italy, England, European powers, Russia . . . Russia and China [are] in on this. A one- world government unity coalition to overthrow the crazy Ayatollah regime because the world economy will collapse within a few years unless (Iran's) oil is pumped out from under the ground in massive quantities, and that will not happen with the Revolutionary Guards or the Ayatollahs [in power]. You have got to get rid of that regime to get the oil pumped out of the ground. So [that is ] what I believe is going to happen.

Commentary: I don't think the nations of Europe will provide Special Forces units for an invasion of Iran. I don't think the U.S. will utilize Special Forces units, and I think Israel will precipitate the war with Iran, but we will have to wait, and see what happens.

Dr. Stan: . . . And how soon do you think the attack is going to be coming, Avi?

Avi Lipkin: Well, you know. I have been wrong many times in the past regarding dates. Usually things happen not when I say, but they do happen. I think it is going to be sometime in the spring. In other words, in March, a month from now because at this stage, if the Iranians shut the Straits of Hormuz . . . if they put a choke hold on the world's supply of oil, people will freeze to death - thousands, tens of thousands - in Europe. I would not say in the United States because the United States . . . [gets] 70 percent of its oil from the western hemisphere, 15 percent from Nigeria, but the Europeans are definitely in deep trouble. China is in big trouble because they are totally dependent on the Middle East for their oil. So I think . . . the world will wait a few more weeks, and play the diplomacy game, the sanction game . . . but like I said before, the Iranian people want to get rid of this regime. I believe when the Iranian people know that the troops are on the ground, special ops from Britain, the Spetznaz of the Russians, German Special ops, Italian special ops, (they) are going to invade Iran and take out the Pasdaran. When the Iranian people know that is happening, I think you will see millions of Iranians in the streets, and the Ayatollah's Pasdaran Revolutionary Guard will be annihilated by the Iranian people, with some help from these Special Ops units.

Dr. Stan: Do you think there will be an air or cruise missile attack on Iran leading up to this?

Avi Lipkin: . . . the position of President Obama, and I agree with this position, is that the Iranian people should not be hurt. What should happen is that the Revolutionary Guard and the Ayatollah should be targeted. So there may be air attacks against the Revolutionary Guard bases, [but] I don't think there will be attacks on their nuclear projects . . . the trick here is not to destroy the nuclear projects, but to destroy the regime . . . and bring in a democratic regime under the auspices of the United Nations. . . . Then you will be able to have complete control over the nuclear projects, sparing the nuclear projects for peaceful purposes, and terminate the missile program, which does no good for anyone. . . .

. . . Everybody wants to get rid of the rogue regime because [it] is responsible for the nuclear project, for the missiles, for the international terrorism, and for all of the instability going on in the Middle East. And like I said before, this is the key to the war. The people who are most threatened are not the Israelis, the people who are most threatened are the Saudis. And the Saudi Sunni Moslems are afraid of losing their hegemony to the Shiites [because] the Shiites have been very aggressive.

Jimmy Carter created the first fanatic Shiite regime in 1979. George W. Bush created the second fanatic Shiite regime in Iraq. So you have . . . two Shiite regimes. . . . You have got to terminate the fanatic Islam in Iran . . . to placate the Saudis and save them from getting their heads chopped off by the Shiites.

This is the four reasons for the war:

1. The war between the Sunnis and the Shiites.
2. Bringing oil quickly onto the market, within 3 years to prevent collapse [of the world economy].
3. Bringing democracy to Iran.
4. Saving Israel from nuclear threat.

And, like I said before, I think that President Obama will tell Israel to stay out of it and let the world coalition do it. I think the Russians and the Chinese are on board. My wife picked up a broadcast from Saudi Arabia [that stated] there is a new deal . . . between Saudi Arabia and China. China will buy cheap oil from Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia will buy weapons from China. Don't forget the Chinese are angry at the U.S. for selling weapons to Taiwan, so now the Chinese are going to sell weapons to the Saudis. So China is now an ally of Saudi Arabia and is against Iran. It's all about money.

Dr. Stan: What about Israel? If Iran faces the danger of an attack, don't you think they will encourage Hizballah and Syria to launch a missile attack on Israel?

Avi Lipkin: O.K., your question is a fantastic question and I cannot answer that. I think there is one of two possibilities: one is that the Iranian regime will collapse very quickly through the use of overwhelming force by the United Nations, [and] that will send a message to Syria and Lebanon, to Hizballah and Hamas they don't want to try the same gambit. On the other hand, if the resolve is not there and the Iranian regime succeeds in rallying their forces to fight the incoming special ops and other units coming in from different countries, then indeed they [the Iranians] will try to broaden the war, creating a proxy war with Israel through Syria and Lebanon. If Hizballah has 85 thousand missiles, what are they going to do with them? Eat them? It's like little children with fire crackers. I don't know if you remember when you were a little kid, if you have got a fire cracker, you are going to want to light it off. When I was a young kid, my favorite thing was setting off fire crackers. So these guys have 85 thousand missiles. They are going to be happy to launch them at Israel.

But if they do it they will be making a very big mistake. I think ironically the Goldstone Report, which was so one-sided and untrue, actually put terror into the hearts of the Arabs in the Islamic world, that Israel has become an insane country and if they attack Israel, who knows what Israel will do to them. And, you know, I don't want to preach the bible now, even though I know we all agree on what it says . . . but Damascus will be destroyed in a day, and Egypt is not even mentioned in Ezekiel 28, so that - Egypt and Syria - if they want to have a war with Israel, then they are not part of the Armageddon [scenario] . . . they are not mentioned.

Commentary: At this point I asked Avi about the secret Nautilus laser antiballistic missile system because it is the key to understanding the events that are taking place in the Near East today.

Dr. Stan: We are talking about a massive missile attack [on Israel]. I don't know whether you can answer this question. Does Israel have an effective anti-missile defense? Many years ago I read an article in the Jerusalem Post about the Nautilus [antiballistic missile system], but the information wasn't published in the United States. Does Israel have an effective missile defense so that it would be able to defend itself [from] those 85 thousand ballistic missiles? What can you tell me?

Avi Lipkin: Well, what I can tell you is what you already know and that you mentioned. The Jerusalem Post [said] the Nautilus system has been deployed on the ground around Gaza and the Lebanese border in the north, but the trick, and . . . I think we discussed this on your shows in the past, the trick is not the Nautilus on the ground, the trick is Nautilus in the air, and that is another reason for trying to postpone the war until the spring or the summer. If it's not in the air, and you have a cloudy day, the Nautilus [system] doesn't work because the clouds dissipate the strength of the [laser] beams.

Now, by the way, President Obama - I read his speeches and he says things that scare me. He was talking about the outdated 747s with some kind of a laser beam technology that he was going to try to veto . . . and that is the Nautilus. They give it another name and they say it will be in . . . two or three years, but the fact is the laser beam [is] from a U.S. Air Force 747 aircraft, [they] have been tested, and they succeed, so I would say that probably those things are up in the air already.

You know the U.S. . . . and the Israeli Military [aren't] going to tell you what they have or what they don't have. If it was in the Jerusalem Post, that the Nautilus is deployed on the ground, that was a one-time mistake by the censorship, and I never saw it again in the Israel papers.

Dr. Stan: . . . Neither did I. Every article I found said Nautilus is experimental . . . [but] I am certain the Israelis would never allow their country to be placed in a position where it could be annihilated by a barrage of Arab missiles. Would you agree that is probably right?

* * * * *

Next month I will tell you how Avi Lipkin replied to my question, and I will reproduce the remainder of the interview because it contains a great deal of important information.

What does the future hold? Between twenty and thirty million Americans are unemployed, 10% of our population is living on food stamps, 8 million homes have been repossessed, and I believe the war with Iran will precipitate the second phase of the economic contraction.

What can you do? You can tell your friends and neighbors about the Brotherhood of Darkness's effort to destroy our nation. Will they believe you? Your job is to tell them, and God will determine what happens because:

"Though Satan should buffet,
tho' trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
and hath shed His own blood for my soul!" [5]

Barbara and I appreciate your loyal support and your faithful prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith


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