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"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." – H.L. Mencken

“[A]n alternative road [to the global Total State] may bypass the main path of history, short-circuiting the organic stages of consensus, value formation, and the experiences of common enterprise generally believed to underlie political community. This relies on a grave crisis or war to bring about a sudden transformation in national attitudes sufficient for the purpose. According to this version, the order we examine may be brought into existence as a result of a series of sudden, nasty, and traumatic shocks.” – Lincoln P. Bloomfield, MIT Professor, CFR adviser, and State Department consultant, 1962 (Emphasis added) (1)

“The following substitute institutions, among others, have been proposed for consideration as replacements for the nonmilitary functions of war. That they may not have been originally set forth for that purpose does not preclude or invalidate their possible application here.

ECONOMIC. a) A comprehensive social-welfare program, directed toward maximum improvement of general conditions of human life. b) A giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets. c) A permanent, ritualized, ultra-elaborate disarmament inspection system, and variants of such a system.

POLITICAL a) An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force.
b) An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace.
c) Massive global environmental pollution. d) Fictitious alternate enemies.

SOCIOLOGICAL: CONTROL FUNCTION. a) Programs generally derived from the Peace Corps model. b) A modern, sophisticated form of slavery.

MOTIVATIONAL FUNCTION. a) Intensified environmental pollution. b) New religions or other mythologies. c) Socially oriented blood games. d) Combination forms.

ECOLOGICAL. A comprehensive program of applied eugenics….” – Report From Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace (italicized emphasis added). (2)

“It's very hard to get inflation in a depressed economy. But if you had a program of government spending plus an expansionary policy by the Fed, you could get that. So, if you think about using all of these things together, you could accomplish a great deal.

If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months. And then if we discovered, oops, we made a mistake, there aren't any aliens…. [T]here was a Twilight Zone episode like this in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace. Well, this time...we need it in order to get some fiscal stimulus.” – Nobel Prize-winning socialist “economist” Paul Krugman, CNN interview, August 12, 2011. (3)

For the Power Elite, its servitors in the media, and those imprisoned in the officially sanctified “consensus,” Paul Krugman is the epitome of Serious Thinking, and Ron Paul is the distilled essence of “extremism.” Almost alone among nationally known political figures, Dr. Paul warned for decades that the debasement of the currency in the service of official profligacy would lead to the current economic crisis. He continues to insist that the only way out of this crisis is to let the correction run its course, while liquidating all extra-constitutional government functions, radically reducing public expenditures, and restoring sound money.

Krugman dismisses this prescription as a pack of juvenile nonsense. Rather than rehabilitating constitutional government and fiscal discipline, a much sounder and more adult approach would be to harrow up the minds of the public with an endless parade of threats and crises – including, if necessary, an engineered mass delusion involving an extraterrestrial threat. Only by deceiving the public into believing that we face an existential crisis can the self-appointed lords of the fiat dollar generate continued public support for open-ended currency debasement and plunder in the name of economic “stimulus.” Dr. Paul and his ilk simply aren’t Serious People, according to the custodians of elite opinion.

For the Cult of Keynes – named after John Maynard Keynes, the British academic who devised the socialist framework for today’s “mainstream” economics – prosperity doesn’t result from the creative efforts of free people. Instead, it is the result of the dialectic between crisis and official regimentation: Wars, riots, natural disasters, and similar catastrophes are desirable, from that perspective, because they offer opportunities for government-administered reconstruction programs. This is one reason why Keynesian commentators of Krugman’s type were practically giddy in anticipation of Hurricane Irene, and the disaster “stimulus” that would supposedly follow.

“We are now upping our estimate of fourth-quarter GDP in the U.S. economy,” exulted Cumberland Advisors Chairman David Kotok early in the morning on August 28, before the hype surrounding Irene had dissipated. “Billions will be spent on rebuilding and recovery. That will put some people back to work, at least temporarily.” On that basis, Kotok predicted a significant spike in the Gross Domestic Product (which is itself a largely fictitious measure of the country’s economic health).

“After a disaster, there’s always a definite short-term increase,” agreed Mark Merritt, president of the crisis-management consulting firm Witt Associates. “There will be furniture bought, homes repaired, new carpet, new flooring, all the things affected by flooding.”(4)

According to Keynes, disasters increase aggregate demand, which translates into what his disciples would describe as “prosperity.” It will expand the demand for credit, which is of tremendous benefit to the bankers. And it will require subsidies of plundered wealth, which will gladden what passes for the hearts of people in the tax-devouring class. None of this, however, represents an increase in real capital or actual wealth: It will result in the destruction of capital, an increase in opportunity cost, and a constriction of freedom.

The entire Homeland Security apparatus was poised for deployment during Hurricane Irene. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Homeland Security Commissarina, President Obama, and the governor of every affected state, were visibly eager to go into humanitarian “lockdown mode.”(5)

When Irene failed to live up to her advance press, the disappointment was palpable – as was the disdain directed by the bien-pensants at Dr. Paul, who quite sensibly suggested that the most useful thing the federal government could do in the case of a widespread natural disaster would be to abolish itself – beginning with the so-called Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). (6)

During the Hurricane Katrina crisis, FEMA – and the rest of the Homeland Security apparatus – distinguished itself by impeding the delivery of vital services, funneling subsidies into the coffers of politically favored contractors, and imposing martial law wherever possible. Volunteers who traveled at their own expense to disaster-stricken areas were prevented from rendering aid, or conscripted to serve as propaganda backdrops for visiting political celebrities. Witness the case of 1,000 volunteer firefighters who were compelled to hand out fliers extolling FEMA, and then ordered to escort George W. Bush on an extended photo-op tour of New Orleans.(7)

Billions of dollars were sluiced into the coffers of bureaucrats and corporatists; hundreds of refugees were imprisoned in deadly, FEMA-provided temporary shelters that emitted poisonous fumes; some innocent New Orleans residents were disarmed by troops and law enforcement agencies at gunpoint, and others imprisoned in a FEMA-constructed detention center – modeled after the Guantanamo Bay dungeon – at a Greyhound Bus station. The region’s economy has yet to recover, if it ever will, from the ministrations of the federal “relief” bureaucracy.

Yet during the 2006 White House Easter Egg Roll, a group of children called “Katrina’s Kids” were forced to serenade then-First Lady Laura Bush with an insipid propaganda song (set to the tune of “Hey, Look Me Over”) that hymned the praises of the Homeland Security State:

“Our country’s stood beside us
People have sent us aid.
Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade.
Congress, Bush and FEMA
People across our land
Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!”

That nauseating spectacle would have been appropriate to Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China – traumatized, indoctrinated children forced to perform psalms of statist devotion in honor of their rulers. There really is no moral difference between the collectivist elite that afflicted those countries and the corporate socialist Nomenklatura ruling our own – and the retreating tide of illusory affluence is revealing that there is no material difference between the police states that ruled those societies, and the one rapidly coalescing around us.

The same people who provide the relief are often the ones who can arrange the misery – or at least capitalize on natural disasters in ways that enhance human misery. This is a perfect illustration of the arrangement described by Isabel Patterson in her famous 1943 essay “The Humanitarian with the Guillotine”: Statist humanitarians need people to be needy, and will do what they can to ensure an abundance of need, which is why they will eventually set up the guillotine to deal with those who resist being helped. “The humanitarian in theory,” she warned, “is the terrorist in action.”(9)

Like its Brezhnev-era Soviet counterpart, our Nomenklatura is also actively involved in promoting “wars of national liberation” abroad. The most active element within it, however, is involved in the new field of “Disaster Capitalism,” a term coined by left-leaning investigative journalist Naomi Klein.(10)

This expression refers to the huge and growing segment of the Leviathan devoted to Homeland Security, post-catastrophe relief, and post-war reconstruction abroad. It implicates as many federal agencies as possible, as well as the familiar assortment of corporate contractors (Halliburton, Blackwater USA, Bechtel, and that ilk). Ventures in Disaster Capitalism depend on a steady stream of human misery, whether as a result of acts of God (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes) or acts of State, such as wars – which tend to be much more destructive than natural catastrophes. While both kinds of tragedy can be profitable, wars are much easier to arrange than natural disasters.

The same self-enraptured altruists who have been such a dubious blessing to disaster-stricken Americans have displayed an even bloodier “healing” touch abroad – most recently in the slaughter unleashed in Libya. The consummation of a CIA-designed campaign that has unfolded over at least three decades (or, arguably, since Gadhaffi was installed by the CIA and MI6 in 1969), the “liberation” of Libya has resulted in the installation of a Sharia-defined ruling clique. Libya thus joins Afghanistan and Iraq as nations that have received Sharia-compliant constitutions –courtesy of the United States military – in the past decade. (11)

The rebels whom the U.S. and NATO would install as Libya’s new government entered Tripoli triumphantly chanting “Allah Akbar!” Many of them had obtained valuable combat experience by fighting American troops stationed in Iraq. The arrival of the supposed “freedom fighters” was heralded with massacres of accused Gadhaffi loyalists.

“The killings were pitiless,” reported Kim Sengupta of the Independent of London from Tripoli. “They had taken place at a makeshift hospital, in a tent marked clearly with the symbols of the Islamic Crescent [the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross] Some of the dead were on stretchers, attached to intravenous drips. Some were on the back on an ambulance that had been shot at. A few were on the ground, seemingly attempting to crawl to safety when the bullets came.”

“Around 30 men lay decomposing in the heat,” continues the gruesome report. “Many of them had their hands tied behind their back, either with plastic handcuffs or ropes. One had a scarf stuffed into his mouth. Almost all of the victims were black men…. The atrocities have apparently not been confined to Tripoli: Amnesty International has reported similar violence in the coastal town of Zawiyah….” Forces loyal to Gadhaffi have likewise committed massacres and other crimes, of course – but the foregoing atrocities were committed by forces armed, trained, equipped, and assisted by the regime in Washington. (12)

Washington’s involvement in the Libyan war is entirely illegal. Mr. Obama didn’t receive a congressional declaration of war, or even a statement of congressional approval; in fact, he didn’t even consult with Congress before committing the U.S. military to the conflict. The administration went so far as to deny that airstrikes and missile attacks on Libyan targets constituted “hostilities.”

While the Obama administration insisted that it had no time to consult with Congress to obtain legal authority to wage war against Libya, it spared no effort to arrange lucrative oil concessions with government-controlled European oil companies. (13)

Veteran foreign affairs correspondent Eric Margolis, who has interviewed Gadhaffi and studied the region for decades, notes that just a few years ago the Libyan ruler – who was installed in 1969 with the help of the CIA and British intelligence – was “brought in from the cold” by Washington and London.

“U.S., British and Italian oil firms were granted important new concessions”, Margolis observes, and the country was hailed by George W. Bush as "an important ally on the war against terrorism." Republican John McCain of Arizona, who would later support the war to remove Gadhaffi, visited the country in 2009 and lobbied for expanded military and diplomatic support for the regime in Tripoli.

However, Gadhafi – who was sitting on a huge stash of gold and some of the world’s largest reserves of “sweet” crude oil – was seen as insufficiently pliant to Euro-American political and banking interests. Thus it was, Margolis explains, that when rebellion against Gadhafi blossomed in Benghazi in early 2011, “French president Nicholas Sarkozy, eager for a small conflict to boost his sagging fortunes with rightwing voters, recognized the rebels and had his intelligence service, DGSE, cobble together a `Transitional Council.’ This nebulous creation was composed of Libyan exiles who had lived in the west – as in the case of Iraq, many were `assets’ of western intelligence. They were shoved together with Islamic militants who turned out most of the armed amateur fighters.” Nearly all of the serious fighting “was done by NATO airstrikes, Predator drones and attack helicopters, vectored into their targets by British and French special forces on the ground,” Margolis concludes. “NATO naval units played an important role in the final attack on Tripoli.” (14)

The Power Elite cannot create anything of value; their handiwork is measured by the number of countries they have ruined, the societies they have wrecked, and the graves they have filled. Theirs is a genuinely demonic version of alchemy in which death and suffering are transmuted into profit. The worse things grow, the more powerful they become – but eventually they will reach a point of diminishing returns.

Since 2001, the news has been a symphony of misery punctuated by cymbal crashes of apocalyptic crisis – the sudden, nasty and traumatic shocks referred to by Lincoln P. Bloomfield.

One of the most severe but necessary lessons we have learned – through the fortuitously timed attacks of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, economic collapse, natural and man-made disasters, and other emergencies – is this: The government will not help you.

Consider one small but telling illustration. The $1.2 trillion the Federal Reserve gave to the world’s largest banks – both here and abroad – could have paid off every delinquent mortgage in the country. Instead, it went to pay for executive bonuses and salary increases. In late 2008, every branch of the federal government, and elected officials on both sides of the congressional aisle, mobilized to set up a huge taxpayer-funded bailout of Wall Street. The political elite will spare no expense to preserve the perks of the powerful and politically connected – and the rest of us can simply pound sand, as far as they’re concerned.

The federal government is literally bankrupt. Municipal governments across the country are likewise sliding into insolvency. “Tent cities” are springing up like poisonous mushrooms in states from California to New Jersey.

“Flash mobs” – packs of violent criminals organized through Facebook and other social media – are frequently materializing and preying upon the weak, helpless, and isolated. Major cities like Detroit and Cleveland are literally dying, as abandoned homes accumulate, neighborhoods are left vacant, and grass literally begins to grow in desolate, unlit city streets.

That’s what things look like now – and the worst, we have no choice but to admit, is yet to come. The time to prepare is rapidly evaporating, and those of us who understand the designs of our self-appointed rulers – and anticipate the ultimate triumph of the One Being in the universe whose right it is to rule – must do whatever is in our power to prepare ourselves and our families for the genuinely horrifying times that lay ahead.

While we cannot be indifferent to what is happening in the political realm, we should not indulge the misguided fantasy that there is a purely political solution to our predicament. This is a battle that can only be won by individuals, families, and groups of informed and independent-minded people joined by shared principles and committed to living lives of Godly defiance. That defiance begins with daring to escape the prison of officially constructed illusion, and continues as we share what we learned with others and – more importantly – act on that knowledge without seeking permission from those who presume to rule us. They don’t own us, and we owe them neither our allegiance nor our respect.

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Written by William Grigg

* * * * *

I agree with that assessment, and fear the Brotherhood of Darkness (the BOD) is going to consolidate the Muslim nations under the rule of the radical group they (the BOD) established in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is the BOD consolidating the Muslim nations? I believe they want to precipitate World War IIII because they believe it will correct the current economic situation, destroy the remnant of Christianity, kill millions of people, and unite the world. What can we do? We must continue our effort to expose the BOD, and pray for revival, because:

“A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing;
Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing:
For still our ancient foe doth seek to work us woe,
His craft and power are great, and armed with cruel hate,
On earth is not his equal.

Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing;
Were not the right Man on our side, the Man of God’s own choosing:
Dost ask who that may be? Christ Jesus, it is He;
Lord Sabaoth, His name, from age to age the same,
And He must win the battle.”
– Martin Luther “A Might Fortress Is Our God”

That is the essence of the current struggle.

Barbara and I appreciate your faithful prayers, and your loyal support.

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith

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