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"'You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith,' Obama said. . . ." Barak Obama, ABC interview, September 8, 2008 [1]

Last month I published the first half of my February 23, 2010 interview with Avi Lipkin. Most of the remainder of the interview is reproduced this month.

The words and phrases I deleted are marked with periods, the words I inserted to make the transcript readable are placed in parentheses. The transcript is printed in regular type, my commentary is printed in bold type.

When I asked Avi Lipkin for additional information about the secret Nautilus antiballistic missile system that is deployed in Israel, he avoided my question by telling a joke.

Avi Lipkin: You know what? Let me tell you a joke. This is a joke that goes back to the Six-Day War in 1967, and the joke applies to me, too. The joke is an Israeli joke, (and) the joke goes as follows: an Israeli, a Frenchman, and an Irishman are taken captive by the cannibals . . . the cannibals tie them up to cook them, and the chief of the cannibals says, . . . "I know (that) if you guys die happy, your flesh . . . tastes better, so we are going to give you a last request so you will die happy." So the Frenchman, his last request is a bottle of wine (because) if he drinks the whole bottle of wine and he gets smashed, then he won't feel when he is burning to death. The Irishman wants a bottle of whiskey because if he drinks the bottle of whiskey, he will be smashed and he won't feel (the pain). And the Israeli says, "Later." So the Frenchman gets his bottle of wine, and says, "Viva la France," and he gets smashed. The Irishman says, . . ."Long live Ireland," and he gets smashed, and the Israeli says, "Later." . . . The chief of the cannibals says, "Later is now. We are hungry and we're going to eat you now." So the Israel says, "Give me a kick in the butt," and curses the chief of the cannibals. The chief of the cannibals gives him a kick in the butt and the Israeli, all of a sudden, unties himself, pulls out his Uzi and shoots the cannibals. . . . (Then) he unties the Frenchman (and) unties the Irishman, and . . . they asked him, "If you could have done this all along, why didn't you do this in the very beginning?" And . . . (the Israeli) said, "Ooh . . . we Israelis don't like to be called the aggressors."

Commentary: I wanted to bring out the fact that Israel will be able to defend itself from the 85,000 missiles that are deployed in Lebanon, but Avi avoided my question.

Dr. Stan: Ha. Very good. Well, of course that's . . . fine . . . I think we are living in very, very dangerous times, and I hope you are wrong about (there being a war) within a few weeks because we are talking about a war in March. . . .

I (recently read) a fascinating article on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal which, from my point of view, is a voice-piece for the invisible government that's running things. On February 19 the lead article on the editorial page was (titled) "Obama and Iran," and reading between the lines (of the article, it) sounds like . . . war is imminent . . . (but) the average American has no idea what is really going on.

Certainly, as you bring this message to Christians across America, what sort of response do you get?

Avi Lipkin: Well, I think . . . the American Christians . . . listen to me, (and) people who are not Christians don't want to hear what I have to say. . . . But what I've been saying all along, and it's been confirmed by interviews with, for example, the foreign minister of Egypt, Aboul Gheit, who was quoted a month ago as saying that he had a one-on-one meeting with President Obama, and President Obama assured him that he is a Sunni Moslem and his father is a Moslem and his stepfather is a Moslem. . . . And my wife picked up broadcasts even before 2004, when nobody even knew who Obama was, and the Saudis were saying, . . . "We will have a Moslem in the White House in 2008," and my wife didn't understand what the broadcast was saying because nobody knew who Obama was. And the Saudis, I believe, had a plan all along. You know, we don't know where this guy was born. We don't know what passport he traveled on to Pakistan. We don't know how he came to the United States and got a Fulbright Scholarship as a foreign student under the name of Barry Sotero. You know, this guy could be, as far as we know, President Obama could have been an illegal alien student who overstayed his visa and should go to jail for overstaying his visa.

You know, I got passports for my kids because I am an American, and they are American now. My grandkids could only get passports as Americans, because they were born in Israel, but they could get passports if I showed my birth certificate, my school records, my social security that I've paid to Uncle Sam for the last 20 years, so, therefore, my grandkids are entitled to American passports. I am not running for the presidency of the United States of America. So there is a big cover-up here. I think there is something very big and illegal, and I believe that President Obama was funded by the Saudis. I believe that he is an agent of the Saudis, he will do the bidding of the Saudis, and the Saudis are afraid of getting their heads chopped off by Iran; therefore, President Obama's job is to terminate the fanatic Islamic regime in Iran. Besides, the fact is that Shiite Iran is a pain in the butt to the whole world. Even the Russians don't like them. The Chinese don't like them. They are only doing business with them. But if the Russians and the Chinese are promised a big slice of the oil pie of Iran, they are on board with Obama, and that is what I think is going to happen.

Dr. Stan: Well . . . (that) is very interesting. If any of my listeners want to go to my Web site,, one of the YouTube links . . . (posted there shows) . . . President Obama talking . . . I have forgotten who he was talking to, but he says, "You know . . . one of the interesting things is (that) during the campaign John McCain didn't mention my Muslim faith." Let me repeat that statement. You will hear (President Obama say), "during the campaign, John McCain didn't mention my Moslem faith."

Commentary: When George Stephanopoulos interviewed Barak Obama on September 7, 2008, Stephanopoulos asked Obama about the rumor he is a Moslem, and Barak Obama stated, "You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith." George Stephanopoulos immediately corrected Obama, and Obama added, ". . . my Christian faith."
If you would like to see the clip, access the "Videos around the Web" site at, and watch the segment titled, "Obama Admits He is Muslim."

Dr. Stan: Well, this is Dr. Stan . . . and Avi is saying there is information out there (that) you will not get in the American press, but (is available) in the foreign press, where Obama has admitted that he is a Moslem . . . that he is a Sunni Moslem, and (the) Sunni Moslems hate Shiah Moslems. In fact, Avi believes . . . President Obama was financed in large part by the Saudi regime, which is Sunni . . . (and) . . . is frightened to death of the Shiah Moslems. Would that be a fair appraisal?

Avi Lipkin: Absolutely, and I will add another thing also. Wall Street, in January, a year ago, 13 months ago, Wall Street was at 6,000. Now Wall Street is at 10,400. I can't understand how Wall Street went up by 4,400 points, more than 60 percent. The American economy is not doing so remarkably well. I think that there is a deal here. I think . . . the Saudis (did) their calculations. How much does it cost to artificially manipulate and lift Wall Street? That is what they are doing. I think . . . Wall Street will go up to 15,000 by the time that Obama is re-elected, on the condition, of course, that the Iranian regime is overthrown, and that Obama is basically the coordinator who coordinates all the different one-world government countries marching together against the Iranian regime.

Commentary: Avi Lipkin has a great deal of important information, but he doesn't understand the spiritual battle that is taking place, or recognize the fact that the Brotherhood of Darkness (BOD) controls the Israeli government, the Saudi government, the American government, manipulates the stock market, and installed the Shiite regime that rules Iran today.

Avi Lipkin continued: What scares me, my wife . . . is an intelligence gatherer for the Israeli government . . . what scares me is that the orders from the Saudi Arabians to Obama are, "You first deal with the Shiite Iranians. After that is completed, then you deal with the Jewish Israeli threat which means forcing Israel back to the borders of June of 1967" . . . which means the destruction of Israel. And once Obama has . . . (a) coalition unified for (a) one-world government . . . (and they) march on Iran, then it will be easier to get the one-world government to march on Israel. And that is why it's important to call Christians to arms, to get the Christians ready to march on Washington.

If, indeed, Obama goes against Israel, (if he) dares to go against Israel, (and) if the Christians don't wake up and stop him, God's judgment will be on America and Israel.

Dr. Stan: Well . . . many people (are concerned about) . . . the current leaders (of Israel) like [Ehud] Barak, (and) question their loyalty (to the State of Israel). They question the fact that Barak . . . started passing out gas masks to the Israelis, then stopped.

Commentary: After the war with Lebanon ended in 2006, the Israeli government collected the gas masks that had been issued to the Israeli people, and promised to return the gas masks when they were refurbished. The Israeli government didn't return the gas masks until January 2010, and Ehud Barak stopped the program in the early part of February 2010.

Ehud Barak resumed the program shortly after I interviewed Avi Lipkin on February 23, 2010, but why did he temporarily block the distribution of the gas masks?

Dr. Stan continued: . . . . (Ehud Barak may have believed) . . . "We (don't) want to frighten the Syrians," (but if I had been in charge) . . . I would have wanted to frighten the Syrians. I would want every Israeli to have a gas mask. (Furthermore) the fact that he (Barak) would pull the . . . Israeli troops off the Golan Heights (during the maneuvers that were taking place at that time was) almost an invitation for Syria to move against the Golan Heights. Do you think . . . there is a possibility that Syria (will) move against Israel? Do you think there is a possibility that Israel (will) retaliate and destroy Damascus?

Avi Lipkin: Well, of course, our foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said that if Syria shoots missiles at Israel . . . that is going to be the end of the Shiite regime of Syria. Now, Bashar al-Assad is smart enough to understand that the Shiites in Syria are only 16 percent (of the population), the Christians are 10 percent, the Sunnis are 74 percent, and when Avigdor Lieberman said . . . the Shiite regime will end, it means . . . the Sunnis will take over and the Sunnis will annihilate the 16 percent that are Shiites. Don't forget the Shiites annihilated (the) Sunni Moslems in . . . the city of Hama (in 1982), Hafez al-Assad annihilated 30,000 . . . Sunnis in the city of Hama, so the Sunnis are biding their time. The Sunnis in Syria are backed by Saudi Arabia.

. . . I don't know exactly what is cooking there between the Saudis and the Sunnis, or what Israel might or might not do. You know, I am not a spokesman for the state of Israel anymore. I used to be an army spokesman for 16 years, but I don't want to talk about destroying anything . . . you know, Damascus or anything. I think what Israel really wants is peace with Syria. It could be that Ehud Barak pulled out the troops (from the Golan Heights) and did what he did in order to send a message of peace to (the) Syrians in order to placate them so that . . . negotiations with Syria could take place.

The only problem with negotiations with Syria, like I said before, is that if tomorrow the Sunnis take over, (and) butcher the Shiites . . . and by the way, God forbid, butcher the Christians too, if that happens, then whatever agreement Israel makes with the Shiite regime will become null and void. . . .

Dr. Stan: Well . . . I think we are living in very, very dangerous times. I don't think the average American really understands the enormity of what we are facing. Do you see what is coming down the line (as) the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and 39, or do you think, perhaps, that (will take place) some time in the future?

Avi Lipkin: Well, it is in the future. I have done a teaching called "Turn Back: Turkey at the Crossroads." It is available on my Web site,, and (it) talks about . . . Armageddon . . ., the rise of the fanatic Sunnis, and Turkey will lead (the attack).

Dr. Stan: . . . Avi, there are lots of unknowns out there. Where does Pakistan fit into this . . . scenario? . . . Is Pakistan Shiah or is it Sunni.?

Avi Lipkin: Well, Pakistan has both, and as a matter of fact, you hear very often, unfortunately . . . of Sunnis blowing up Shiite mosques and Shiites blowing up Sunni mosques, but Pakistan is primarily Sunni.

And, by the way, you have. I think, 3 or 4 percent of the population (of Pakistan is) Christians . . . and they are going through terrible persecution.

Pakistan is the home base of the Taliban, and the Taliban are also kind of a cancer radiating through Afghanistan and through other countries as well.

By the way, you know, there is a gentleman by the name of Paul Williams . . . I don't know if you have ever heard of him . . . but he is a specialist in Washington, D. C., who has been covering the creation of Islamic concentrations in the United States, like Islamburgh . . . And all the men are gone . . . most of them are black, you know, African Moslems, and they are all gone. The women are there, the children are there, (but) the men are . . . in Pakistan . . . they go (there) to fight (in) the jihad, and (when) they come back to the States . . . they (have) . . . very, very good military experience . . . they are veterans of fighting the Americans in Pakistan, and the Pakistani government. Pakistan is a big camp of fanatics fighting their . . . fellow Moslems.

Commentary: I called Paul Williams, and he confirmed Avi's information. Most of the Black men who live in Islamburgh are felons who converted to the Moslem faith when they were in prison. They are allowed to possess firearms, they have been trained to use automatic weapons in Moslem training camps in the United States, and many of the men have gone to Pakistan, and participated in the civil war that is taking place in that nation today. I suggest you obtain a copy of my recent interview with Paul Williams from Radio Liberty.

Avi continued: By the way, Fox News had a very interesting poll recently that support for the Taliban in Pakistan dropped remarkably because 80 percent of the people who died from Taliban attacks are Moslems, and . . . Pakistan is a very important player . . . because they've got nuclear weapons.

Dr. Stan: Well, I am sure they are . . . (but) I am wondering what will happen if there is an attack on Iran, whether there are enough people . . . in Pakistan who may want to get involved. We are told . . . (the) nuclear weapons (in Pakistan) are under American control, but is there any way . . . the Iranians could get their hands on them? . . . Does Iran . . . have a few small nuclear weapons they could launch against Israel or against the United States in retaliation? . . . I believe (the Mullahs) are fanatical (and) they would just love to precipitate a nuclear war . . . but I would like your thoughts.

Avi Lipkin: Well, firstly, you have to remember (that) Pakistan is primarily a Sunni country. Pakistan is very close to Saudi Arabia, and so Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, which are both Sunni (nations), are desirous of the downfall of the Ayatollah's regime in Iran. Then, of course, you will not see any threat to Pakistan and their nuclear arsenal from (the) Iranians. Like I said before, I believe the Iranian regime will collapse very quickly, but that is, of course, on the condition of a very, very quick attack with overwhelming use of force which will make it very clear to the Iranian people that the world is with them. In that case, millions of Iranians will take to the streets, and annihilate the Ayatollahs and their henchmen, the Pasdaran, (the) 120,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

As for Iran starting some kind of a nuclear holocaust, I don't know what they have or what they don't have. The world seems to be saying . . . there will be (a war) in nine months. That is another reason that I think (the) war could take place in a month or two because, you know, March-April is the in-between time for the northern and southern hemispheres regarding cold winters, and . . . it would take a few weeks, maybe a few months, to terminate the Iranian threat, and to ensure a steady flow of oil to the world market. So, I think, like I said before, if the one-world government clamps down on Iran real fast, then not only will nuclear war not take place at all, but I think even Syria and Hizballah and Lebanon will be intimidated enough not to do something stupid.

Dr. Stan: The one problem you have is when you start a war you are never certain how it is going to end . . . If the Iranians . . . launch a missile attack on the nations . . . on the border of the Persian Gulf, (and we are anticipating that will happen because) we are supposedly disseminating anti-missile missile batteries . . . to Saudi Arabia and the other countries along the Persian Gulf. But if the Iranians were to shut off the oil to Europe, . . . (that) would create a real problem. . . . Is there any way they (the Iranians will) be able to do that since they apparently . . . have some fairly sophisticated missiles? . . . Would (Iran) launch . . . a reprisal attack on Israel as a matter of desperation? We hear . . . stories about the Iranian regime . . . wanting to precipitate a world war in the hope of bringing back the Imam Mahdi. Is there any truth to that story?

Avi Lipkin: Well, I think that the Iranian government . . . is walking a tightrope, that it believes it can call the world's bluff. Like I said before, if you are talking about the threat to the Sunnis (of) getting their heads chopped off, that is a real threat. If you are talking about the threat of a collapse of the (world) economy in three years because there simply is not enough oil, that is a real threat. If you are talking about the terrible things that the Iranian government is doing to its own people, that is a threat. And if the threat to Israel or the world from a nuclear project (is) 9 months from now, then that will be a threat in a very, very short time. So, in my opinion, it is always a question not of if, but when. And as to what happens? . . . Like you said, (if) you start a war, you are not certain as to how it ends.

You know, Saddam Hussein collapsed within 3 weeks. The U.S. troops were on the ground in Iraq in 2003 for 3 weeks, and . . . (the war) was over. Of course, later you had an insurgency and, of course, we know how it end(ed), but Saddam Hussein was terminated very, very quickly. I believe the Iranian regime could be terminated very, very quickly (too). The question then will be: "How does the world . . . take over in Iran? How does the world give the Iranian people democracy? How does it convince the Iranians that the world is not against the people of Iran? So, again, I believe that there is a one-world government plan to overthrow the Iranian regime because that is the only way to bring civility to the world.

Commentary: Avi believes the UN is going to provide military support for the coming attack on Iran, but I think he is wrong. I think the UN will authorize the attack, but there will be very little military support from other nations.

Dr. Stan: . . . Is (that) why we have all those troops . . . in Afghanistan? I mean . . . nobody in their right mind would honestly believe the U.S. has . . . almost a hundred thousand troops (and) a hundred thousand contractors in Afghanistan because there are a hundred members of al Qaeda there. . . . (the U.S.) doesn't need a hundred thousand troops . . . to take care of a hundred members of al Qaeda . . . (and) we still have a hundred thousand troops in Iraq. Do you think that maybe those troops are stationed there in preparation for the coming war with Iran, and they (the Obama administration) . . . don't want to tell the American people?

Avi Lipkin: Well, I think that it is very logical because Iran is now sandwiched in between Iraq and Afghanistan. And, like I said before, Iran really, except for Hugo Chavez, (doesn't have) very many friends. Like I said before, you know, you've got countries like Russia, you've got countries like China, (and) like India. These are not Christian countries. The only thing that matters to them is finance, economics, or as Bill Clinton used to say, "Hey, it's the economy, stupid." If Ahmadinejad's plan is to raise the price of a barrel of oil to $147 a barrel, which is what brought about the present crisis in the world economy, then, indeed, the Iranian plan is to bring down the world economy. That is a threat to Russia. That is a threat to China. That is a threat to India, to Japan, the U.S. and Europe . . . and like I said before, Iran is a rogue state at this time. The people of Iran are good people. They want freedom. They want democracy, but the leadership there is in a time warp anomaly from the seventh century. It has to be removed.

Dr. Stan: . . . one of my concerns would be (that) if Iran (is) attacked . . . they would . . . give orders to Hizballah to launch a massive missile attack on Israel with (their) 85 thousand missiles. . . . And, of course, (since) Hizballah is a Shiah regime they would have nothing to lose by launching an attack. The only thing Israel could do would be (to launch) a massive retaliation which would kill a . . . lot of Lebanese people, and that . . . would bring the wrath of the world down on Israel. . . .

Avi Lipkin: If the fear, the deterrent, is . . . clear in the hearts of the people of Hizballah and Syria, that the Iranian regime collapsed . . . quickly, which I think it will, then, again, it's a gamble . . . (that) Hizballah will sit back and not do anything. If they see that Iran is succeeding and (is) resisting world pressure, then maybe . . . they (Hizballah) will open a proxy war. The reports I've been getting recently is that (the leaders of) Hizballah in Lebanon, and the Syrians, are panicking about an insane Israel that . . . proved in Gaza what it could do, (and proved) in Lebanon in 2006 what it could do. So, like I said before, it is a gamble.

* * * * *

You can obtain a CD, or a cassette tape, of my February 23, 2010, interview with Avi Lipkin, but most of the important information is in this and the previous Radio Liberty letter. What does the future hold? I think either Israel, the U.S., or both nations will attack Iran during the next 12 months if the current sanctions don't topple that regime.

What can you do? You can tell your friends and relatives about the BOD's effort to incite a war with Iran, and their plan to unite the world. Will they listen? I believe more people are listening to our message than ever before, and they are learning about the spiritual battle that is taking place throughout the world. Can we save the United States, and preserve our freedom? Only God knows the answer to that question, but we have been instructed to "occupy till I come," Indeed, in Luke 19, 11-13, we are told:

"And as they heard these things, he added and spake a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem, and because they thought that the kingdom of God should immediately appear. He said therefore, 'A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, 'Occupy till I come.'" [2]

Our job is to labor, and occupy, until our Lord returns.

Barbara and I appreciate your loyal support, and your faithful prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith


2. King James Bible, Luke 19: 11-13.

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