May, 1999

Dear Friend of Radio Liberty:

During this past month we witnessed a horrible massacre in Littleton, Colorado. Some political pundits blame easy access to guns for the slaughter; others blame video games, television programs, movies, and Hollywood. Many ministers have tried to assess who or what was responsible for the senseless violence in Littleton, but most ministers fail to recognize their responsibility for what happened there. In generations past ministers preached about the moral, civic, and social issues of their time. America's churches were the conscience of our nation. In those days pulpits flamed with righteousness, but tragically that is no longer the case. Modern-day ministers tell parishioners that they must love the Lord and be subservient to national leaders because God placed them in positions of power over us. Ministers have largely ignored President Clinton's indiscretions and dishonesty. Following the President's indictment for perjury, America's leading evangelist spoke of God's forgiveness for him even though President Clinton had demonstrated no true evidence of repentance or remorse. Where was the righteous indignation that should have resounded from American pulpits?

We live in a society where children murder children, where children murder their parents, and where parents murder born and unborn infants. Sadly, most ministers have abandoned their responsibility to maintain the moral standards of our nation, preferring to preach about unremitting love. By abandoning their traditional calling, our churches have silenced the only voice that can possibly save our nation from destruction - and God's wrath.

I was prompted to write this letter because of an e-mail communication I received from a friend who listens to Radio Liberty. He wrote:

Dear Dr. Stan:

Hope all is well! I had to write today to get a few things off my chest. If I'm way off base, please let me know. This letter is not meant to offend or is not written in anger, hopefully it will be of exhortation. I'm just concerned and a little confused. I've been listening to your program now for some time. I don't believe I'm one of those people that has his head stuck in the sand. I do have trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and His provision for my life, but quite frankly I'm confused by what the aim of your program is. I understand it is the "News behind the news, the Story behind the story", but I don't hear any prayer in the programming at all; at times you talk about this country in the third person, most of the time your guests are interrupted by some "stray frequency" (which may be an indicator that what you're putting out there really needs serious thought and prayer). There is no instruction of brothers and sisters in the Lord, (none other than to write your congressman, Governor, State Assembly, and such). Your reference to the President of the United States as "Bill Clinton" I think is disrespectful (even though he is what he is as far as a man/husband goes). Aren't we as Christians still supposed to show respect to those who are in authority? I don't believe that the truth should be watered down, but I do think that there needs to be a spirit of compassion in your dealings with such issues. Dr. Stan, I've known you for many years, and I know you have a heart of compassion, but sometimes I hear the "Hype" over that compassion, I hear the "Sale" over the answer. I listen to Christian radio all day long ... sometimes your programs do instill fear, and that's OK, as long as you give what the answer to that fear is - Jesus Christ. The way it is now, the answer seems to be to buy one of your guest's books, or one of your own. The other day you mentioned some people you respected. One of them was Larry Nichols. The first time I heard Larry Nichols was on the Bob Larson show way back when he (Larry) was spouting off about what the president was up to, how he was asked to arrange meetings with women and such (is this what we are called to "think on"?). I got checked in my spirit, "Isn't this a form of gossip?", but I put it off as one of Bob Larson's sensationalized shows. I understand that your show is in the "informative" format, but I still think that there needs to be a clear line between the world perspective and the Christian perspective. I'm not a radio programmer, and have no intentions in wanting to be, and I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but where is the line between the Lord's work and work of this age? Is what you do representing the Lord? Are we standing out as light? I know in my own life I have a tendency to be conformed to this world and that's bad, but my brother, you are a teacher, you have power to not only teach but to reach. Please be careful. My prayers are with you, and I will keep listening!

I thought about this communication very carefully before I replied:

Thank you for your letter. I want you to know that I care for you, and I know that you love the Lord. I fear, however, that you do not understand our message, or why I spend three hours every weekday behind a microphone. Let me address the issues you raise:

[1] "I don't hear any prayer in the programming."

That's true because our purpose is to teach Christians about the spiritual battle being waged in America today, not to preach to them. Few church goers realize that most major media outlets are owned or controlled by those intent upon creating a world government, a new economic system, and a new spirituality, and that some of them are working in our churches and seminaries. (1) Their goal is to distort the traditional Christian message and convince believers that they have no responsibility for what is happening in our nation. Radio Liberty is trying to bring people truths that are being concealed.

Dave Wilson and I pray before every program, but not on the air because we don't want to use our prayers to raise money.

[2] "You talk about our country in the third person."

Admittedly, I am highly critical of what is happening because I believe that everyone who loves God has an obligation to speak out against the evil that is consuming our land. Government agents are currently moving to silence dissent, but tragically very few ministers have anything to fear because they do not threaten the dark spiritual forces that have seized control of our nation. Eventually, however, everyone who loves the Lord will suffer, just as Christians in Europe suffered following World War II. As it was in Hitler's Germany, so it will soon be here in the United States.

[3] "Most of the time your guests are interrupted by some 'stray frequency' (which may be an indicator that what you're putting out there really needs serious thought and prayer)."

Admittedly we have had some radio interference during our programs because we use microwave transmission to cut down on the cost of sending our signal to the local radio station. Have you ever considered the possibility that Lucifer is trying to prevent us from exposing his influence on society? I personally believe that the interference we have encountered has been accidental, but if there is a spiritual component, it has come from the dark side. The fact that you suggest that God is trying to silence our message reflects a strong bias against what we are trying to accomplish.

[4] "There is no instruction for brothers and sisters in the Lord (other than to write your congressman...)."

You have truly missed our intent. We want listeners to learn about America's Christian heritage, and to understand what must be done to reclaim that heritage. Unfortunately, many modern-day preachers don't realize that our country was founded as a Christian nation. Did you realize that America's Founding Fathers insisted that the Bible be used as a school textbook so that children could be raised in the ways of the Lord? Why is that fact never mentioned in church today? Because Christian seminaries have been infiltrated by those who insist that ministers must never speak out on political or civic issues because "everything is in God's hands". Indeed, if you ask many young preachers if America was founded as a Christian nation, they will deny that fact. Accordingly, I hope that you will go to the Law Library at the local County Court House and ask the librarian there for a copy of The Case of The Church of The Holy Trinity v. the United States, 1891-92. If you read that decision, you will find a list of over 80 reasons cited by the U. S. Supreme Court as to why the United States of America was a Christian nation. If that is true, why do many ministers deny our heritage? Because they have been deceived by those intent upon discouraging them from speaking out on the important issues facing our nation. (2)

What very few people realize is that at the same time our Forefathers came to this continent, Satan sent his agents here as well. Their goal was to take control of the government that was to be formed and use it to create a government of the world at some future date. You can verify my allegation by reading Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Destiny of America. (3) Hall was a 33rd degree Mason and a follower of Lucifer. (4) Initially, the influence of Christianity on America overshadowed the base instincts of mankind, but with the passage of time and the infiltration of our seminaries, Lucifer and his representatives gradually neutralized the influence of our churches leaving our nation open to wanton violence and licentiousness. Those who follow the Prince of Darkness progressively took control of our media and our government, then they began using the wealth and power of the United States to force other nations to relinquish their sovereignty to the United Nations. If you read occult literature as I do, you would find that the UN is to become the government of the Antichrist. When did you last hear any criticism of the United Nations and its goals in church? Lucifer and his followers have been working for generations to re-interpret the Holy Scriptures to convince ministers that their obligation is to preach the Gospel, but that they must never address "political" issues because "all power rests with God". Now I am not challenging God's supremacy, but each of us has been given free will and is responsible for playing some part in what is happening in America today. Is God really responsible for everything that happens in the world, or does he allow evil to prosper when good people refuse to become involved in public affairs? Is God responsible for the fact that our government is promoting abortion and genocide throughout the world? Was God responsible for World War I with 60 million casualties, and World War II with 100 million casualties? The conflict between The Supremacy of God and Free Will is an issue that has been debated by theologians for many centuries. Although God can certainly accomplish whatever he desires, what part are we to play in His plan? What part did the Good Samaritan play in caring for the wounded stranger on the roadside? What part did Joseph play in the preservation of the Jewish race? What part did Noah play in preserving mankind? Do you honestly believe that a merciful God really wants children killing children, and children killing their parents? Do you honestly believe that He wanted the Holocaust or the murder of hundreds of millions of His children during this past century? Are such tragedies really God's work, or did they come about because good people did nothing to oppose Lucifer and his demonic agenda? I personally believe that God allows bad things to happen when Christians refuse to stand for righteousness, and that men and women become accomplices to those evils they fail to oppose.

Why have Courts taken God out of our schools, opening the way for the violence that occurred in Littleton? Because Freemasons, who worship The Great Architect of the Universe, took control of the United States Supreme Court in 1941 and dominated that Court until 1971. The stated goal of Freemasonry has always been to remove any mention of God or Jesus Christ from schools. (5) Since then, others aligned with the Hierarchy of Evil have been appointed to the Supreme Court and continue distorting the meaning of our laws. Why don't ministers speak out against Masonry and the other occult organizations that are working to undermine the fabric of our society? Why do they bring speakers into their churches to lecture on the New Age, but never mention the other occult organizations that dominate our society?

When was the last time you heard any minister tell parents to remove their children from government schools so they can be raised in the ways of the Lord? When was the last time you heard a sermon condemning President Clinton for vetoing legislation designed to ban partial-birth abortion? Why won't ministers speak out for righteousness? Because they have been taught that all power comes from God, and that they must show respect to those in power - no matter how evil they are. Old testament prophets regularly addressed the evil acts of their rulers, but similar acts are ignored by God's representatives today. The purpose of Radio Liberty is to discuss the issues that most ministers are afraid to address.

[5] "Your reference to the President of the United States as "Bill Clinton" I think is disrespectful.... aren't we as Christians still supposed to show respect to those who are in authority?"

Had our Founding Fathers believed they must respect King George III, we would still be British subjects. Two hundred years ago ministers taught that "resistance to tyranny is allegiance to God", and that we should have "no King but King Jesus". Two hundred years ago ministers taught that sin was wrong, that Hell was a place of eternal punishment, and that there was damnation for those who refused to accept salvation. Two hundred years ago churches influenced government policies, and church-sponsored schools produced a 95% literacy rate. Two hundred years ago children obeyed their parents, and the Ten Commandments were the foundation of American law. That is no longer the case. Bill Clinton is an evil man, and he has been placed in power by evil men. He is currently using government agencies to target his enemies, and over 50 people closely associated with him have died under mysterious circumstances in recent years. Now he has involved us in a war in the Balkans where we are killing innocent civilians. Do you honestly believe that God wants us to show respect for Bill Clinton? If you had been living in Nazi Germany, would you have shown respect for Adolph Hitler? It takes courage to speak out against evil today, and unfortunately most Christians refuse to stand for righteousness because they have been taught that they must obey those in power no matter how corrupt they are. I do not believe that God honors that position.

[6] ... "your programs ... instill fear."

You are absolutely right. Truth should instill fear in the hearts of those who love God because fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. You can't sell life insurance to those who don't believe they are going to die, and you can't get most people to seek God's truth unless they fear they will lose their freedom, their possessions, and their lives. If we do not succeed in instilling some degree of fear in our listeners, then we have failed in our undertaking.

[7] "That's OK as long as you give what the answer to that fear is - Jesus Christ."

Yes, we must put our faith in Jesus Christ, but we are told in the Gospel of James that faith without works is meaningless. Sadly, the message of the modern-day church is that all we have to do is study the gospel, be good people, and believe in Jesus. That is Lucifer's lie. Satan doesn't care how much scripture you know or how good you are as long as you don't oppose him. As our nation moves toward a godless dictatorship, those who have spoken out will surely face persecution, but we are called to be involved in the affairs of society, not to simply immerse ourselves in church activities and cede our government to evil.

[8] You criticize Larry Nichols for mentioning that Bill Clinton employed him to procure women, and you speak of Larry as being a "gossip".

When wicked men take control of a society, those who love the Lord have an obligation to speak out. Larry Nichols has more courage than a hundred ministers who tell their congregations that they should ignore what Bill Clinton has done because God forgives his sins. Such ministers have nothing to fear from government because, like the Christians of Laodicea, they are neither hot nor cold. Larry Nichols has been beaten to near death several times; he has been poisoned; he has been offered several million dollars to admit that his charges against President Clinton are false, but he refused. I personally respect Larry because he is willing to risk his life to expose the evil that Bill Clinton represents. If you feel that what he says is gossip, so be it. Larry is a far better man than I will ever be.

[9] "There needs to be a clear line between the world perspective and the Christian perspective.... where is the line between the Lord's work, and (the) work of this age? Is what you do representing the Lord?"

We are called to live in this world and to be Salt and Light. If Christians will not stand for righteousness, who will? Should we forgive Adolph Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin for their mass genocide? Only God can forgive those who sin, not ministers or their parishioners. If Christians won't expose the Luciferian plan to use our nation to control the world, who will?

The problem is that the Devil has taken Romans 13 and built it into "The Ultimate Biblical Truth". Did Saint Paul ever suggest that Christians living in modern-day America should not be involved in the spiritual battle taking place today? Jesus spoke out against the corruption of the Scribes and the Pharisees, but according to modern thought He was wrong because God placed those men in positions of authority over the Jewish people.

Chuck Missler discussed the significance of Romans 13 in a recent issue of his Personal Update, noting that Romans 13 was written to Christians living in Rome under a dictatorship, not to Christians living in America under our Constitution:

"The Bible does not speak in the vocabulary of a representative democracy in which officials are elected and laws are drafted by elected officials and have authority over those officials. Thus we must make Biblical applications to our democratic context very carefully. Submission in our Republic is primarily to laws and constitutional processes and not to persons. Our officials are actually our employees.... Christ's absolute supremacy over our lives qualifies the absoluteness of human law. The Christian recognizes Christ and His law as the final authority." (6)
I personally believe that our nation's Founding Fathers were inspired, and that we must support their concept of personal liberty and self-government under God. Every American President swears to support the Constitution and abide by its laws. If he violates that oath, every pulpit in our land should cry out in righteous indignation. Tragically that has not happened because most ministers have embraced Lucifer's re-interpretation of Romans 13.

It has been said that men and women become accomplices to those evils they fail to oppose. The German people paid dearly for listening to ministers who told them that they mustn't oppose the Nazi regime because God placed Hitler in power over them. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The Nazi movement had its origins in the Occult, in Theosophy, and in Satanism. (7)

Between April and July 1994, somewhere between eight hundred thousand and a million people, mostly Christians, were slaughtered in Rwanda while Bill Clinton cautioned his cabinet members to avoid using the word genocide because if they did he would have to intervene. Do you honestly believe that God was responsible for what happened in Rwanda? (8)

It is estimated that two million Christians have been killed or martyred in the Sudan during this past decade while our government supported the United Nations which has blocked all efforts to provide supplies and Bibles to Christians living in the war zone. Do you honestly believe that God is responsible for what has happened in the Sudan? (9)

Children attending government schools are being intentionally dumbed down, indoctrinated in hedonism, paganism, and disrespect for parental authority. All mention of God has been excluded from our educational system. Is God responsible for that? Was God responsible for the murder of Cassie Bernall in Littleton, Colorado when a Satanist pointed a gun at her head and asked her if she loved God. When she replied, "Yes, I do ..." , he asked, "Why?", then shot her before she could reply. What is the origin of such senseless violence? Satan and his supporters hate those who love our Lord. Both Cassie Bernall and her murderer are victims of the wickedness that engulfs our nation, and that evil flourishes because of the silence of our churches. (10) Why isn't every church in America a school where children can be brought up in the Christian faith?

I care for you, and I know that you love Jesus. I have answered your correspondence in detail because I want you to understand what is happening and be ready for what may lie ahead. Unfortunately, most Christians belong to the modern-day Church of Laodicea; they are neither hot nor cold. Our job is to try to educate believers and ministers about the Satanic forces that are working in America and how to oppose them, and if we fail, to prepare them for the persecution that will surely come. When all is said and done, however, each of us must rely upon the Lord for our strength so that if we are ever asked whether we truly believe in God, we can answer as Cassie Bernall did - "Yes, I do."

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith, M.D.


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