November, 1999

Dear Friend of Radio Liberty:

Lord Byron wrote:

" 'Tis strange - but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction." [1]

Some years later Daniel Webster observed:

"There is nothing so powerful as truth - and often nothing so strange." [2]

Truth is often stranger than fiction - as you will learn as we explore the source of the funds used to promote terrorism, violence, hatred, and racism across the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently warned police chiefs that far-right Christians and Christian groups are planning to attack the infrastructure of our nation, a program they have code-named Project Megiddo. Christian Identity is cited as one of the major coordinating organizations behind the effort. If that is true, who is funding Christian Identity, and why isn't the FBI taking action against the group if there is evidence they are planning terrorist attacks? To understand what is happening today we must "follow the money." [3]

In an earlier newsletter I mentioned the September 6, US News and World Report article, Fringe groups and Y2K: a scary mix in which Robert Burnham, the FBI section chief on domestic terrorism/counterterrorism, stated:

"Several groups . . . have an apocalyptic view of the millennium as Armageddon, the final clash of Aryan warriors against the 'disciples of Satan' - Jews, blacks, and anyone supporting them, including the U.S. government . . . .

"The threats come from two camps. One is made up of far-right Christians who view the millennium as the end of the world . . . . Most of them disavow violence, but analysts fear a few marginal sociopaths will use the religious backdrop to settle old scores. The second group thinks Y2K computer problems are a plot by the federal government and the 'new world order' to impose martial law and take away believers' rights." [4]

Most major media outlets are promoting the concept that we face a serious threat from terrorists. Hardly a week goes by without several articles appearing in The New York Times warning of the imminent danger of domestic terrorism. Similar articles are printed in other Establishment newspapers to reinforce our fear. We are repeatedly told about the possibility of biological, chemical, and nuclear attacks, and that deadly Russian biological warfare agents buried on Renaissance a.k.a. Rebirth Island in the Aral Sea will soon be unearthed and possibly spread to the mainland. We are told that Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Iranian terrorists are planning attacks on our country. [5] We are told that there is a very real threat of biological attacks against our food supplies, and that far-right, Christian groups plan to disrupt our society. We are told that suitcase-size nuclear bombs are sequestered across our land. Is the clever, Establishment- coordinated, propaganda program having its desired effect? A recent Gallup poll reveals that Americans worry more about the threat of terrorism than any other single issue, with 93% of those surveyed citing it as their primary concern. [6]

The threat of terrorist attacks has become a recurrent theme in popular television programs. On November 6, 1999, CBS aired an episode of Martial Law dealing with a narrowly averted nerve gas attack on Los Angeles. The November 28 episode of The X-Files will feature Frank Black, from the canceled Millennium television series, and Fox Mulder as they join forces to track down the Millennium Group, a quasi-Christian organization dedicated to creating mayhem, mass murder, and chaos in an effort to usher in the Apocalypse. What will happen? I suspect that Christian beliefs will be demonized, and nonbelievers will be skillfully turned against those of us who espouse the loving Gospel of Jesus Christ. [7]

Information on Project Megiddo is being sent to police departments in every community warning them that right-wing Christians are planning to incite violence with the coming of the new millennium. The Washington Post published the following information on October 31, 1999:

"The FBI is warning police chiefs across the country that it has discovered evidence of religious extremists, racists, cults and other groups preparing for violence as New Year's Eve approaches and is urging law enforcement agencies to view the dawn of the next millennium as a catalyst for criminal activities.

"The FBI says those most likely to perpetrate violence are motivated either by religious beliefs relating to the Apocalypse, or are New World Order conspiracists convinced the United Nations has a secret plan to conquer the world . . . .

"In its report, the FBI describes several groups that it says have some members that pose a violent threat. 'Christian Identity' followers, comprising loosely knit groups throughout the country, are 'ardently opposed to race mixing' and believe that the 'white Aryan race is God's chosen race.' Christian Identity provides the 'unifying theology' for a number of 'right-wing' groups that pose a threat . . . ." [8]

The FBI's charge that Christian Identity is providing the "unifying theology for a number of right- wing groups" raises several important questions. Does that group really represent a threat to national security? Do its members actually advocate terrorism and violence? The answer to both questions is an unqualified "yes." How can I be so certain? Because I've interviewed many competent researchers who investigated Christian Identity after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Each of them independently came to the same conclusion, that Christian Identity members were involved in that terrorist attack. What was even more disturbing was what I was told about the source of the funds used to finance Christian Identity's terrorist and racist activities. [9]

The headquarters of Christian Identity is located in eastern Oklahoma at Elohim City. The movement is led by Pastor Robert Millar, a gray-haired, gray-bearded patriarch, who claims that he believes that:

". . . the white peoples of Europe are the lost tribes of Israel. Jews are . . . 'half-devil' descendants of the 'serpent seed,' a union of Eve and Satan. The Jewish diaspora is the instrument of Satan to achieve dominion over the world - notably, by means of the United Nations. . . . Blacks . . . are the cohorts of Satan. Before the end of the world in A.D. 2000, there will be a final confrontation between the Aryans and Satan's Jews." [10]

According to Ambrose Evans Pritchard, former Washington bureau chief of the Sunday Telegraph, Christian Identity:

". . . is a race theology . . . laced with millenarian prophesy from the Old Testament and Wiccan nature worship . . . . The Celts are the purest of the Aryan peoples because they were the last to succumb to 'Judaic influences.' It was Celtic culture that held out against 'Nicean Christianity.' The Celts were the chosen tribes." [11]

Since Christian Identity is an occult, Celtic religion based on the worship of nature, paganism, and witchcraft, why do high-ranking FBI officials equate its beliefs with Christianity, and warn police departments about the threat from "far-right Christians." Could it be that FBI officials really don't understand the difference between paganism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or are they intentionally demonizing Christians for some other purpose? [12]

It has been said that "The past is prologue." Accordingly, the key to understanding what is happening today can be discovered only by learning about the past, specifically about the activities of the residents of Elohim City in the months leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19,1995. The startling information presented below can be verified in Ambrose Evans Pritchard's excellent book The Secret Life Of Bill Clinton, in Stephen Jones' book Others Unknown, and in the Oklahoma City Bombing Update tape-set available from Radio Liberty. [13]

Carol Howe lived in Elohim City during the months before the bombing of the Murrah Building. She was an attractive, 23-year-old, former socialite who had been recruited by the BATF to spy on Dennis Mahon, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. By 1994 Dennis Mahon was one of the leaders of the White Aryan Resistance movement, a violent racist organization made up of misfits who hate both blacks and Jews. Carol Howe risked her life every day for almost a year gathering information on the revolutionary activities of the residents of Elohim City, yet our government indicted her for terrorism and tried to send her to prison to keep her from testifying at Timothy McVeigh's trial. Why? Because she had discovered that Dennis Mahon was receiving monthly payments from the Iraqi government, owned and fired fully automatic weapons, and talked about blowing up government buildings. Despite the fact that BATF officials knew of Mahon's activities and plans, they failed to arrest him. [14] Carol Howe also reported on the activities of Andreas Strassmeier, a German citizen and former intelligence officer, the son of a high-ranking German Intelligence officer. While living in the United States he had full diplomatic immunity despite the fact that his visa had expired and he should have been deported. In addition, while staying at Elohim City, he carried concealed weapons, practiced using explosives, and talked about bombing the Murrah Building. He was obviously an agent provocateur because the FBI intervened and prevented other government agencies from raiding Elohim City and arresting both Mahon and Strassmeier. [15]

Glen Wilburn's two grandchildren were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. Despite the fact that he was dying of pancreatic cancer, he spent the last months of his life trying to find out who was responsible for the bombing. Ambrose Evans Pritchard quotes him as saying:

"The best indications were that the plot was hatched at Elohim City in the fall of 1994 under the guidance of Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeier, two men who are clearly enjoying the protection of the FBI . . . . McVeigh was undoubtedly part of the movement . . . . The bombing was probably a sting operation that went disastrously wrong. [16]

I believe that Glen Wilburn was mistaken about Strassmeier working for the FBI. In all probability he was a CIA asset because when Timothy McVeigh's defense attorneys asked the Central Intelligence Agency for Andreas Strassmeier's file:

"The Agency provided its findings to prosecutor Beth Wilkinson, who refused to hand the material to McVeigh's defense team. The Justice Department even ignored a motion to compel, without suffering any sanction . . . ." [17]

Ambrose Evans Pritchard telephoned Andreas Strassmeier after he had returned to Germany. Pritchard first assured him that he didn't believe that he was responsible for what had happened in Oklahoma, then said:

"There comes a time in every botched operation when the informant has to speak out to save his own skin, and that's now, Andreas."
"How can he?" he (Strassmeier) shouted back into the telephone. "What happens if it was a sting operation from the very beginning? What happens if it comes out that the plant was a provocateur?"
"A provocateur?"
"What if he talked and manipulated the others into it . . . . The relatives of the victims are going to go crazy. He's going to be held responsible for the murder of 168 people. . . . Of course the informant can't come forward. He's scared . . . right now." [18]

In Ecclesiastes 1:9, Solomon tells us that ". . . there is no new thing under the sun." What happened in Oklahoma City has happened many times before. During an interview with Jack McLamb, who publishes the Aid and Abet newsletter, he recounted the tragic story of The Arizona Patriots. The organization was made up of Korean and Vietnam War veterans who published a small-town newspaper. They held regular meetings where they complained about how bad things had become. Occasionally someone would remark that "rotten bureaucrats should be taken out and hung," and others would laughingly agree. On other occasions someone else would suggest that "dishonest politicians should be lined up and shot." It was just flamboyant talk; no plans were ever made to carry out acts of violence or civil disobedience. The Arizona Patriots didn't realize that their organization had been infiltrated by government agent provocateurs who were paid to provoke acts of terrorism. The provocateurs secretly taped all of the Patriot's conversations while urging them to bomb government buildings and carry out acts of terrorism. None of the Patriots were interested in such activities despite the continued urging of the government agents. Finally, the provocateurs made friends with an unsophisticated member of the group and insisted that he take a trip with them to a nearby city where they planned to bomb a government building. The man foolishly agreed, and after driving past the targeted building several times, he was arrested and indicted for terrorism along with several other members of the Arizona Patriots. During their trial the secretly recorded tapes were played which convinced the jury that those who had been indicted were dangerous. Several Patriots were convicted and sent to prison. [19]

In recent years the FBI has been warning people about the danger posed by Militia units. During a recent interview with Colonel Bo Gritz he confirmed my suspicion that many Militia leaders are actually covert government agents. He cited the former leader of the Tri-State Militia as one example. I personally recall when the leader of that Militia unit was exposed as a government infiltrator; he justified his actions by stating:

"There was no way I could have financed the Tri-State Militia without the money I was getting from the FBI." [20]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation paid Emad A. Salem to infiltrate an Arab group in New York City. His job was to act as an agent provocateur and try to get them to attack various sites. After repeatedly agitating the volatile Arabs, he finally convinced them that they should bomb the World Trade Center. [21] Once the Arabs had agreed on their target, they asked Emad Salem to help them assemble an explosive device. At that point the agent provocateur had second thoughts and went to his FBI handlers to ask them to provide him with harmless powder so that the World Trade Center would not be destroyed. Because he feared that the FBI might be planning to blame him for the bombing, he secretly taped all of his subsequent conversations with government agents. The tragic story of what followed is covered in The New York Times article entitled: Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used In Trade Center Blast.

"Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center . . . . The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad A. Salem, should be used . . . ." After the bombing ". . . Mr. Salem . . . wanted to complain to F.B.I. headquarters . . . about the bureau's failure to stop the bombing, but was dissuaded by an agent . . . (who) said 'I don't think that the New York people would like the things out of the New York office . . . .'" [22]

The FBI paid Emad A. Salem $3 million, and his activities led to the bombing of the World Trade Center. Had he not agitated members of the Arab organization there might have been no bombing. The FBI could easily have provided him with harmless powder or arrested the Arab plotters before they detonated their bomb. Instead, FBI officials did nothing. Who was primarily responsible for the World Trade Center bombing? The FBI and their paid agent provocateur.

The BATF paid an agent provocateur to befriend Randy Weaver. After three years he talked Weaver into committing the crime of cutting off a shotgun barrel one-quarter inch shorter than allowed by law. Would there have been a crime had there been no agent provocateur? Certainly not. That government sting operation resulted in the death of a Federal Marshal and the murder of Randy's son who was shot in the back. The FBI then took over the botched operation and ordered their sharpshooters to kill Vicky Weaver because a psychologist believed that she was responsible for the Weaver family's opposition to the government. Colonel Gritz, who was at Ruby Ridge, attests to that fact. After Randy Weaver was exonerated by a jury, the FBI paid his family $3 million to drop their lawsuit so the American people would never learn the truth about what really happened at Ruby Ridge. [23]

With Congressional Appropriation Hearings coming up shortly after their botched sting operation in Idaho, BATF officials had to somehow improve their public image. Accordingly, they ordered an attack on a Christian group with bizarre ideas that was living in a compound near Waco. Newspaper and television reporters were invited to witness the efficiency of the BATF raid. The story of the tragic events that followed are recorded in Michael McNulty's award- winning motion picture, Waco: Rules of Engagement. The film presents uncontestable proof that either the FBI, or members of the Delta Force, fired on Davidians trying to escape from the back of the burning compound. The murders then had to be concealed from the American people. If you have not yet seen Waco: Rules of Engagement, video copies are available from Radio Liberty. [24]

That brings us back to our original question: ". . . the source of the funds used to promote terrorism, violence, hatred, and racism across the United States."

From the information covered so far it is obvious that Christian Identity is one of the major organizations coordinating those activities. Who funds Christian Identity?

When I interviewed Carol Howe's attorney, Clark Brewster, he told me that during Carol's trial an FBI agent admitted under oath that Pastor Robert Millar, the leader of Christian Identity, was an FBI informant. If that is true, it means that the FBI has been financing Christian Identity, since FBI informants are well paid for their services. [25]

In The Secret Life Of Bill Clinton, Ambrose Evans Pritchard revealed that Pastor Robert Millar was an FBI informant during the early months of 1995, prior to the Oklahoma City bombing. Pritchard writes:

"We now know that Pastor Millar was already an FBI informant in early 1995, at the very time that he was inciting 'Holy War' against 'Zionist Occupied Government.'" [26]

Thus we learn that Christian Identity, the terrorist organization that FBI officials are concerned about, has been financed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to act as an agent provocateur to incite terrorism, violence, hatred, and racism across the United States. Solomon was right. "There is no new thing under the sun," and as Lord Byron noted, "'Tis strange but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction."

Should we expect increasing persecution of Christians in the coming months? I am convinced that the Establishment intends to use the fear of terrorism to divide our people, turning American against American. What about the threat of attack from Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the Iranians, and the Communists? That subject will be covered in future newsletters.

What can you do? Now is the time to take the initiative to expose the plans of those who covertly control our media, our institutions of learning, and our government. I suggest that you make copies of this newsletter and give them to your friends, the leaders of your community, and the leaders of your church. If we expose the Establishment's plans we may be able to prevent them from succeeding. Make sure that local police officials get this information because we will need them to understand the truth about the real enemy as we move into the coming period of turmoil and chaos.

If enough people request copies of this letter I will reprint it in pamphlet form and make it available at minimal cost to those who order in bulk quantities.

How will you and your family survive the coming period of chaos? Read the full text of Psalm 91, which begins with this wonderful promise:

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
"I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust."

We will need His protection and support in the days that lie ahead. May the Lord continue to bless and protect you and your family.

Yours in Christ,

Stanley Monteith, M.D.


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