November 1997 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
11/03/97   Berit Kjos - Author,"A Twist of Faith". How Female          _______
           Spirituality is Changing	The Church and Betraying the 
           Women it Promised to Heal (2 hr.)
11/05/97   Cameron Darbey. (first half hour) Software to Block         _______
           Pornography From the Internet : Angie Carlson. (second half 
           hour) Data Source. Talking About The Outbreak of Disease in 
11/05/97   Angie Carlson. Data Source. Updating the Conditions in      _______
           Africa. Social. Political. Christian Persecution. The Outbreak 
           of Sleeping Sickness in the Sudan.  **See second half hour of 
           above tape.
11/07/97   Dean Gotcher. Institution for Authority Research. How       _______ 
           Today's Educational System is Designed to Undermine Parental 
           Authority. (2 hr.)
11/10/97  *Chuck Missler. Talking About His Most Current Book, "Alien  _______
           Encounters". A Thoroughly Documented Book About the Secret 
           Behind UFO's.
11/12/97   Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Author,"The Secret Life of Bill    _______
           Clinton". An Outstanding Account of The Real Facts Behind 
           the Death of Vince Foster. Did The Government Have Prior 
           Knowledge of The Oklahoma City Bombing?
11/12/97   Karen Holgate. Encouraging the Parents of America to Keep an_______
           Eye on Their Children's Education. Education is Not What it 
           Used to Be.
11/14/97   Gary Aldrich. Author, "Unlimited Access". An FBI Agent's    _______
           Firsthand Account of Life in the White House Under the Clinton 
11/14/97   Joan Peros. Radio Liberty Host Talks With Dr. Stan About The_______
           Latest Gorbachev Conference in San Francisco, and Why it 
           Concerns Us.
11/17/97  *Charles Phillips. Coalition for Politically Active          _______
           Christians. The Need to Restore America to its Christian Values.
11/17/97   Dr. James Wardner. The Planned Destruction of America.      _______
11/17/97   Dr. James Wardner. Author, "Unholy Alliances". The Plan to 
           Create a New World Order. The Planned Use of The Media To 
           Deceive the American People.
11/18/97   Elizabeth Liagin. Population Control. The Evidence Keeps    _______
11/18/97   Elizabeth Liagin. AIDS, Vaccines, and Immunizations.        _______
11/20/97   John McManus. The Impeachment Process. Does Clinton Qualify?_______
11/24/97   Ray Thorne. Voice of The Martyrs. Speaking Firsthand About  _______
           Christian Persecution.
11/24/97   Edith Manchester. A Santa Cruz Lady Who Has Dedicated Her   _______
           Life to the Pro-Life Movement for Over Thirty Years. A 
           Heartwarming Hour.
11/25/97   Greg Dixon. Unregistered Churches of America. Why Churches  _______
           Should Renounce Their 501(C)3 Status.
11/26/97   Clive Doyle. Waco May Have Faded From the Minds of Many     _______
           Americans But Not From Those Who Survived that Holocaust. 
           Was it Just the Beginning?
11/28/97   Bill Schnoebelen. Author, "Masonry:Beyond the Light" and    _______
           "Lucifer Dethroned" Masonry, Witchcraft, Mormonism.

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