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10-29-98  Marshall Foster. America was founded as a Christian nation.  _______
11-03-98 *John Carlisle. Nat'l Center for Public Policy. Global        _______
          warming. Do the media and scientists have poor memories 
          or have they just been deceived?
11-03-98  David Carrico. Author "The Occult Meaning of the Great Seal  ______@
          of the United States". Talking about the Masonic influence in 
          the U.S.
11-04-98  Dr. Michael Coffman. Spiritual forces behind the             _______
          environmental movement.
11-04-98  Dr. Garth Nicholson. Is the Gulf War Syndrome the result of  ______@
          a bizarre	scientific experiment gone wrong?
11-05-98  Reed Irvine. Media disinformation regarding TWA Flight 800.  _______
11-05-98  Dr. Judith Reisman. Author "Kinsey:Crimes & Consequences".   ______@
          The damage done to the American people and the world by Kinsey's 
          deliberately skewed research.   
11-09-98  Henry Lamb. How they plan to cut back on our access to energy_______
11-10-98 *Dr. John Armstrong. Author "When God Moves". Revival - what  _______
          it is and what it is not. Helpful tool to discern the movements 
          going on today.
11-10-98  Dr. Cathy Burns. Author "Masonic & Occult Symbols            _______
          Illustrated". Discussing the contents of the book. Symbols most 
          of us would just pass over.
11-17-98 *Ken Eyre. The U.S. Taxpayers Party. Describes its founding,  _______
          philosophy, etc.
11-17-98  Joseph Andrews. The Constitution of the United States.       ______@
11-18-98  Rep. Charles Key. Grand jury sessions regarding the Oklahoma _______
          City bombing.
11-19-98  James Talmadge Stevens. Author "Making the Best of Basics".  ______@
          Directions & advice for using staple items such as wheat, 
          powdered milk, and honey. Lists and charts to be used for any 
          emergency preparation.
11-20-98  Barbara Fisher. The Hepatitis B vaccine. The disease or the  ______@
          vaccine - which is the greater risk?
11-23-98  Larry Pratt. Gun confiscation in America.                    _______
11-23-98  Joel Skousen. Author of "Strategic Relocation". Are you      ______@
          living in a good area? Also talking about many national and 
          international current events.
11-24-98  Karin Schumacher. Vaccines. Are they safe? Are they          ______@
          necessary? Are they effective?
11-25-98  Cate McCauley. Oklahoma City investigation update. New       ______@
          revelations and the Kansas Connection.
11-27-98  Paula Randall Smith. Video "Holes in Heaven". HAARP and other______@
          military technology. Is it being used for more than research? 
          What about weather control, effect on emotions, etc?	
11-28-98  Phillip de Toit. Attorney from South Africa. What is going on_______
          in South Africa today. How the Mandela regime has altered life 
          there. 1/2 hour program.
11-30-98  Stephen Jones. Author "Others Unknown" and Timothy McVeigh's _______
          attorney. What is Timothy McVeigh really like? Could he have 
          done what he is accused of? Why didn't he take the stand?
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