November 1999 Tapes Available
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  Date                          Program/Topic                       Quantity  
11-01-99 Dr. Jacqueline Kasun. The move to reduce the world's _______ population. 11-02-99 Berit Kjos. Author, Brave New Schools. The Harry Potter _______ books craze. 11-02-99 Bob Cornuke. The BASE Institute. Updates his search for _______ the Ark of the Covenant and Noah's Ark. 11-03-99 Floy Lilly. From Bonn, Germany. About plans to reduce _______ energy by 35% to preserve the environment. 11-03-99 Jeff Green. The dangers of water fluoridation. What ______@ "helps" your teeth may damage other parts of your body. 11-04-99 Constance Cumbey. Author, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. _______ The Shamballah Force & the increase in occult activity.(TOM) 11-04-99 Jack McLamb. Keeping the police for the people and not the_______ government. 11-05-99 Henry Lamb. Reporting from Bonn, Germany, on the impending_______ implementation of the Kyoto Protocols to reduce energy by 35%.(TOM) 11-05-99 Prof. J. Gordon Edwards. DDT and other environmental ______@ frauds. 11-08-99 Texe Marrs. Talking about his book - Days of Hunger, Days _______ of Chaos. 11-09-99 Dean Gotcher. Institute for Authority Research. Goals 2000_______ 11-10-99 Jerry Zeifman. Author, Without Honor. The story of _______ Watergate & Pres. Nixon. 11-11-99 Al Duncan. Author, The Master Plan. Find out what the _______ "master plan" is. 11-11-99 Clay Douglas. Exploring the phenomena of "chemtrails." _______ 11-12-99 Ron Wilson. Re-evaluating your finances as the end of the _______ year comes. 11-12-99 Joyce Riley. The Gulf War Syndrome and effects of vaccines______@ for biological warfare. (TOM) 11-15-99 Charles Phillips. The shame of the sale of fetal body ______@ parts for big profit. 11-16-99 Glenn Spencer. The effort to impeach Gov. Gray Davis. Goes_______ into the background of the Mexican Revolutionary Movement. 11-17-99 Lisa Dean. Discussing the reality of Operation Echelon and_______ Project Megiddo. 11-17-99 Dr. Augustus Marwieh. A missionary from & to Liberia. His ______@ amazing story. 11-19-99 Larry Elgin. Fighting to keep the Panama Canal Zone from _______ going into the hands of the Red Chinese. 11-24-99 Cathie Adams. Texas Eagle Forum. Who really is Gov. G.W. _______ Bush, Jr.? 11-24-99 Bruce Adamson. The history and the personalities behind ______@ the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Very well researched. 11-26-99 Dr. Dennis Cuddy. Author, Secret Records Revealed. The _______ affiliations of the men who control our world. 11-29-99 Pastor John Weaver. Christian civic responsibility in _______ current times. 11-29-99 Stephen Hollingshead. The sales tax as an alternative to _______ the income tax. 11-30-99 Grant Jeffrey. Author, Jesus, The Great Debate. The _______ evidence for Jesus to be who He says He is. How the Bible proves itself through history. 11-30-99 Johan Combrinck. Missionary from South Africa. How far _______ South Africa has declined from a stable society toward a state of lawlessness.

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