October 1997 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson ^ Host - Dick Tennesen #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
10/01/97   Rep. Charles Key. Oklahoma City:What Really Happened. The   _______
           Video and The Ongoing Story of the Investigation. It's Not Over!
10/02/97  #Joan Peros Reads From (of all things) A Comic Book Warning  _______
           About The Development of Baal Worship. 
10/06/97  *Jim Nelson. Author, "When Nations Die:America on The Brink"._______
10/06/97  ^Penny Dugan. New Jerusalem Ministries. How She Founded Her  _______
           Ministry That Cares for People With AIDS and HIV.
10/08/97  ^Dr. Floy Lilley. Talks on Global Warming and Population     _______
10/10/97   Dr. Richard Foulkes. The Fluoridation of Water. Further     _______ 
           Documentation of the Danger From This Practice, and Why it 
           Needs to be Stopped.  (2 hr)
10/14/97   Carolyn Steinke.  An Update on What is Happening to our     _______
           Education System and How it is Failing Our Youth.
10/15/97   Karen Anderson.  Expands on the Evils of Sustainable        _______
10/16/97   Larry Nichols. An Update on Vince Foster, Paula Jones, and  _______
           Other "Clinton Escapades". Under Great Pressure, Larry Keeps 
           Pushing to Get the Truth. 
10/17/97   Mike Korbey. From the United Seniors Association. Follows   _______
           and Talks About what's Happening With Medicare and Social 
10/20/97  *Jacov Rambsel. Author,"His Name is Jesus". A Good Companion _______
           Tape to Grant Jeffrey's. Talking About How God Reveals Himself 
           in the Torah and Old Testament.
10/20/97   Dr. Nick Begich. Author,"Angels Don't Play This Haarp" and  _______
           "Towards a New Alchemy".  How We Can Be Manipulated by 
           Technology.  (2 hr)
10/22/97   Andrea Seastrand. Former Congresswoman Tells What it's Like _______
           Behind The Scenes in Washington, and That There is Life 
           After Congress.
10/23/97   Peter Ford.  Talk Show Host and Son of Actor Glenn Ford. An _______
           Evening Visit With a Man Who Remembers What it was Like in 
           Hollywood and How Politics Plays a Great Role. Why He Does 
           What He Does Today. 
10/27/97   John Selck and Nancy Jo Baratti. The Freedom From Religious _______
           Persecution Act of 1997. Sounds So Good, But It Is a Badly 
           Flawed Piece of Legislation!!
10/28/97   Terry Cook. Author, "Mark of The New World Order", and the  _______
           Video of The Same Name. Talks About The New Technology That 
           Will Control Us. How Would You Like Your Car to be Stopped 
           From Satellite for Non-Compliance?  (2 hr)
10/29/97   Michael Sanera. From The Institute For The West. Author,    _______
           "Facts,Not Fear". Discussing Environmental Issues.
10/31/97   Chuck Carlson. From "We Hold These Truths". Talking About   _______
           The Danger From The Freedom From Religious Persecution Act of 1997. 

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