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10-06-98   Steve Gregg. Great Commission School. How Christians should _______
           approach Y2K.
10-06-98   Andrew. A young Polish man relates his experiences with     _______
           communism. Why it has not changed, is not going away, and is
           still a threat.
10-07-98   Peter Hammond. Front Line Ministries. Update on persecution _______
           of Christians in Africa and the Sudan. Hear,too, some of the 
10-07-98   Dr. James Wardner. The Masonic influence in America.	       _______
10-07-98   Pat Matrisciana. Jeremiah Films. Bill Clinton's Rise to     _______
           Power. Follow Clinton's career from Oxford to the White House.			
10-12-98   Dr. Gerald Atkinson. "From Trust to Terror" Radical feminism_______
           is destroying the military, and "New Totalitarians" Bosnia is
           a mirror of America's future.		
10-14-98   Robert Van Buskirk. Operation Tailwind. Use of experimental ______@
           gases on special forces in Laos.
10-15-98   Terrye Seedman. Author,"Holy to Yahveh". A completed Jew    _______
           looks at the God of the Bible (YAHveh) and His Son (YAHshua)
           to reconcile Jew and Gentile in their Hebrew heritage. Well 
10-16-98   David Bresnahan. Cover-Up:The Art and Science of Political  _______
10-19-98   Carol Matrisciana. Halloween and the occult. The celebration_______
           doesn't happen just once a year, and it has nothing to do with 
10-20-98   Col. Ron Ray. The Kinsey deception and how it changed the   _______
           face of American sexuality.
10-20-98   Col. Ron Ray. Destruction of the American military. Why     _______
           women in the military are destroying morale.
10-21-98   Alan Sears. Alliance Defense Fund. Increasing attacks on    _______
           Christians by the homosexual agenda.
10-21-98   Rose Morgan. The coming financial crisis through the eyes of_______
           a gold expert 
10-22-98   Maureen Jones & Lois Kirby. The very real danger of water   ______@
           fluoridation. The evidence keeps mounting.
10-23-98   Cliff Kincaid. Y2K problems. Side A : Alan Burgess. Y2K     _______
           solutions. Side B.
10-23-98   Vaughn Shatzer. The New World Disorder and the part Y2K will______@
           play in it.
10-26-98   Cliff Kincaid. Why does America support its enemies?	       _______
10-28-98   Mark Phillips. The Tranceformation of America. Mind control._______
10-28-98   Susan Madori. Write for America. Thoughts on the Declaration______@
           of Independence. 
10-29-98   Thomas Horn. Author,"Spiritual War:The Invisible Invasion". _______
           Spiritual warfare on political battlefield and everyday life.
           Is America losing?
10-29-98   Jane Orient, M.D. American Association of Physicians and    _______
           Surgeons. Why we need to deny government access to our
           medical records. 
10-30-98   Joan Veon. Financial consultant. The coming financial       _______
           recession. Does Y2K figure in?			 		
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