October 1999 Tapes Available
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Guest Host - * Tom Clunie
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10-01-99 John Stormer. Author, None Dare Call it Education. How _______ American education "reforms" are undermining academics and traditional values. 10-01-99 Charlotte Iserbyt. Author, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of _______ America. (TOM) 10-04-99 Tal Brooke. Spiritual Counterfeit Project. There are _______ difficult times coming for Christians whether they want to hear it or not.(TOM) 10-04-99 Ron Wilson. Atlantic Bullion & Coin. The current run on _______ gold and what it means. 10-04-99 Jim Soderman. Carries on with the story of the _______ International Monetary Fund. 10-05-99 Rick Oliver. Lecturer/Evolutionary Biologist. Rick ______@ candidly gives his testimony about how he found God and the truth about creation vs. evolution. 10-06-99 Franklin Sanders. Editor, The Money Changer. _______ Understanding money. 10-06-99 Jeff Nyquist. Author, Origins of the Fourth World War. _______ Elaborates on President Clinton's Communist affiliations and the threat they pose to America. 10-11-99 Gaylon Ross. Author, "Who's Who of the Elite." The _______ membership lists of certain organizations reveal interesting affiliations of the men who rule our nation. 10-11-99 *Devvy Kidd. Spirited discussion on 17th Amendment & _______ election of U.S. senators. 10-12-99 Barbara Fisher. Vaccines. Continuing studies on their _______ safety & effectiveness. 10-12-99 Joan Peros. The true face of sustainable development. _______ 10-14-99 Harry Martin. Martial law, detention camps, and population_______ relocation.(TOM) 10-15-99 Cdr. Wm. Donaldson. Continuing investigation of TWA 800. _______ Why has the Boeing Company been so silent. Interesting revelations. 10-15-99 Dr. Cathy Burns. Author, "Masonic & Occult Symbols _______ Illustrated." Masonic & occult influence on American life. 10-15-99 Sen. Don Rogers. Learn why America is a republic - not a _______ democracy. 10-18-99 Gay Kah. The spiritual motives of those pursuing world _______ government. 10-19-99 Joan Veon. Author, "UN Global Straitjacket." Report from _______ Iron Mountain. Private and public corporations. Coming one-world government. 10-21-99 James Tucker.The Bilderberger meetings. Who attends? What _______ is discussed? 10-22-99 Col. Bo Gritz. Martial Law & the use of 'agent _______ provocateurs.'(TOM) 10-22-99 Chris Zimmerman. Editor, "She Said Yes." The story of _______ Cassie Bernal. How the Word of God transformed the life of one teenager gone astray. 10-25-99 James Perloff. Author,"Tornado in a Junkyard." Compelling _______ evidence for creation. 10-25-99 Craig Roberts. Y2K and biological warfare. Don't be lulled_______ into complacency by the national media. 10-26-99 Dr. Michael Coffman. The environment - a tool for tyrants._______ 10-26-99 Beth Ballinger. Founder, The Noah Webster Foundation. _______ Relates in story form the early days of the Pilgrims in America. Wonderful for all ages. 10-27-99 Charles Phillips. From COPAC. The horrible truth behind _______ partial-birth abortion. 10-27-99 Celerino Castillo. Author, "Powder Burns." An insider's _______ view of the CIA & drugs.

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