September 1997 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson ^ Host - Dick Tennesen #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
09/01/97   John Carman. Author,"Corruption on the Border". What        _______
           Happens When a Border Patrol Officer Does the Work He is 
           Hired to Do.
09/03/97   Dr. Miguel Faria. Editor,"Medical Sentinel". How Scientists _______
           Twist Experiments to Come up With Preconceived Ideas.
09/03/97   Dr. Russell Blaylock. The Use of U.S.  P.O.W.s For          _______
           Experimentation by the Communists. Plus information on MSG 
           and NutraSweet. See 09/16/97.
09/04/97  #Joan Veon. Prince Charles:The Sustainable Prince. Researched_______
           Information on His Involvement in New Age Philosophy, Global 
           Governance, etc.
09/05/97   Sallie Balunas. Deputy Director of Wilson Observatory.      _______
           Global Warming. 
09/05/97   Bill Jasper. Senior Editor,"The New American". Updated      _______
           Information on the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation. 2 hr.
09/09/97  @Col. Bo Gritz. MIAs,The Golden Triangle,The Missing Nuclear _______
09/09/97   George Hansen. What Happened to a Former Congressman Who    _______ 
           Ended up as a "Political Prisoner" in America. He Might as 
           Well Have Been in China!
09/10/97   Paul Grant. Jury Nullification. The Belief That Juries      _______
           Should be Able to Follow the Law and Their Conscience Rather 
           Than What the Judge Tells Them.
09/11/97   Michael Coffman, PhD. What is Found When Private            _______
           Corporations, Not Government Agencies, Look Into Global 
           Warming & The Environment.
09/15/97   Marie Gunther. The Ongoing Story of the Leasing of The Long _______
           Beach Naval Station to COSCO, a Chinese Company Involved in 
           Arms Smuggling.
09/16/97   Dr. Russell Blaylock. Author,"Excitotoxins:The Taste That   _______
           Kills". The Truth About NutraSweet, MSG, Etc. This Tape Could 
           Save Lives.
09/16/97   Dr. David Kennedy. Fluoride - What is it Doing to Your Body?_______ 
           Why Does Your Toothpaste Tube Carry The Warning, Do Not Swallow?
09/17/97   Daniel Hopsinger. Talks About His Video,"Heartbeat of       _______
           America". The Story of Government Involvement in Drugs. Yes, 
           Mena Does Figure In.
09/17/97   Dale Nolan. Another Story of the Abuse of the Children's    _______
           Protective Services. This Time it Cost the Life of a Child. 
           A Depressing Tape, but the Information Needs to Get Out. 2 hr.
09/19/97   Harry Wu. First-Person Information About Communism in China,_______
           and the Treatment Handed Out in Chinese Prison Camps.
09/24/97   Chris Ruddy. Investigative Reporter. "The Strange Death of  _______
           Vince Foster". Chris is Featured in Jeramiah Film's Video, 
           "The 60 Minutes Deception".
09/24/97   Dr. Charles Schwartz. More Information on the Health Effects_______ 
           of NutraSweet, MSG, and Other Food Additives.
09/25/97   Jack McLamb. Retired Police Office Talks About the Move     _______
           Toward a Police State in America.
09/26/97  ^Dr. Ray Gannon.  Taking the Gospel to Israel, and the Threat_______
           of Legislation From the Knesset That Will Prohibit 
           Evangelism in Israel.
09/29/97   Tony Nasif. Author,"Jesus,Politics,and the Church". The     _______
           Title Speaks for Itself. 

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