September 1998 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
09-01-98   Bob Cornuke. BASE Institute. His video "The Search for the  _______
           Real Mt. Sinai" The story of his explorations. Follow the 
           route with him.
09-02-98   Maureen Jones. The dangers of fluoridated water. Is it      _______
           coming to your area?	
09-03-98   Cdr. Wm. Donaldson Ret. Suppressed evidence on Flight TWA   _______
09-03-98  #Jean Soderman. World food security:World food rationing.    _______
           Have you checked a package of seeds lately. Hybrid? What 
           does it mean?
09-04-98   Tom Cloud. Cloud & Associates. Current economics in the     _______
           light of Y2K.
09-09-98   Bob Rosio. "Hitler & The New Age." What does it mean to us? _______
09-09-98   Craig Roberts. Tips on Y2K survival.                        _______
09-09-98   Dr. Milton Teske. Weimar Institute. Dietary control of      _______
09-10-98   William Gill. Dangers of GATT, NAFTA and "free" trade.      _______
09-10-98   Ivan Szlapak. The created famine in Russia in the 1930s.    _______
09-11-98   Kent Hovind. Did God really create the world in 7 days?     _______
09-15-98   Susan Madori. The plan for dictatorship in America -        _______
           Regional Gov't, Executive Orders, National ID.
09-17-98   Joan Veon. British Royal Family:Prince Charles, The         _______
           "Sustainable" Prince
09-17-98   Dr. Mark Andrews. Update on his Y2K preparedness information_______
09-21-98   Ken Ham. Creation Science Institute. Creation vs. Evolution._______
09-22-98  *Tom DeWeese. How the environmental movement is infiltrating _______
           the churches.
09-23-98   David Bresnahan. Clinton's trail of death.                  _______
09-23-98   Glenn Gorton. His book,"What Would They Say?". What would   _______
           America's great historical figures such as Washington & Jefferson 
           say about certain issues?
09-23-98   Alex Horvat. Publisher, "Probe" magazine. All the various   _______
           conspiracies - some you may not have heard much about.
09-25-98   Stanislav Lunef. Present-day Communist plan for world       _______  
09-28-98   Dorothy Miller. Video,"God's Story:From Creation to Eternity"______
09-28-98   Tony Nassif. "Jesus,Politics, & The Church : The Mind of    _______
           Christ on Christians in Politics". Biblical accounts of those who 
           got involved and the results.
09-29-98  *Ed Hindson. How to identify the Antichrist.                 _______
09-29-98   Stephen Jacobson. Mind Control. America's preoccupation with_______
           sex as promoted by TV, movies, etc. What does it mean for our 
09-29-98   John Stormer. His new book,"None Dare Call it Education".   _______
09-30-98   Don McAlvany. The coming Y2K and financial crisis with a    _______
           spiritual outlook.
09-30-98   Dr. William Deagle. The Iridium Project - the new "eye" in  _______
           the sky project. Prophecies concerning Israel, the new temple, etc.		 		

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