September 1999 Tapes Available
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Guest Host - * Dave Wilson
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09-01-99 Gordon Novel. Chief investigator for the continuing ______@ investigation into Waco. 09-08-99 David Harvey. Attorney involved in the new investigation _______ into Waco. 09-09-99 Jim Soderman. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) _______ 09-10-99 Admirals Thomas Moore & Hill. The dangers of the change _______ of authority over the Panama Canal that will be complete by the end of the year.(TOM) 09-13-99 Dee Zahner. Author, Secret Side of History. His book is _______ now out in audio form. Hear live quotes from historical people that "appear" on the tape. 09-14-99 *Grant Jeffrey. Proof and fascinating evidence that Jesus _______ is the Messiah. 09-15-99 Joan Veon. Author, UN Global Straitjacket. Understanding _______ global government. 09-15-99 Alex Jones. The "Urban Warrior" exercises & his new video,_______ "Police State 2000" 09-16-99 Marlin Maddoux. Author, The Seal of Gaia. Takes you down _______ the "slippery slope" of the results of much of our "enlightened education." Hear about his book that is a "must-read."(TOM) 09-17-99 Paul Craig Roberts. Investigative journalist tells how the_______ new Waco investigation shows that the original account was false.(TOM) 09-17-99 Carl Limbacher. Journalist for The _______ intimidation of the original Waco witnesses. How those foreign attacks covered Clinton's actions here. 09-20-99 Patrick Poole. Project Echelon. We are losing our privacy,_______ from our medical records to the groceries we buy. What are they doing with the information? 09-21-99 Senator Richard Mountjoy. MTBE. Bringing God back into _______ the legislature. 09-21-99 John Putnam. America's moral decline. The church's _______ involvement. 09-22-99 David Barton. Author, Original Intent. America's Christian_______ heritage. Gives an answer to, "How do you correlate Christianity with slavery?" 09-22-99 Gordon McDonald. Gordon has been following Y2K for some _______ time. He still feels there is cause for concern. Also addresses possible cyber warfare. 09-22-99 Berit Kjos. Author, Brave New Schools. Environmental _______ indoctrination in schools. 09-27-99 Gerald Atkinson. The destruction of morale in the military_______ by destroying the Christian influence. 09-27-99 Tom DeWeese. The Wildlands Project. The plan by government_______ to control private land. 09-27-99 Jim Soderman. The IMF. Builds on the information in the _______ tape of 09-09-99. 09-28-99 Sarah Foster. Massive "land grab" using the guise of _______ Sustainable Development. 09-28-99 Larry Patterson. Former Arkansas state trooper & member of_______ Clinton's security detail. Talking about his 2-tape interview, "More Than Sex." (TOM) 09-28-99 Karen Holgate. School-based health clinics. Why they are _______ bad. 09-29-99 Michael Ruppert & Catherine Austin Fitts. How the CIA _______ protects drug trafficking. 09-30-99 Joyce Riley. Gulf War Syndrome progress report. Some are _______ getting help. 09-30-99 Steve Quayle. An evening with ... Biological warfare and ______@ Y2K update.

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