"Global Warming: Emerging Science and Understanding"

Eighty percent of the American population now believe that man is responsible for global warming. Emerging science, however, is providing important new understanding of this issue.

Global Warming, Emerging Science and Understanding brings balance and perspective to the global warming debate. Dozens of respected scientists from all over the world explain the emerging science about global warming. Although designed for High and Middle School classrooms, the DVD is suitable for adults in all settings. The DVD is divided into three lessons:

Lesson 1 (15:37 min)--Overview of emerging science, past climate, temperature data errors, CO2/temperature relationships, and the huge effect of water vapor and clouds.
Lesson 2 (17:39 min)--The United Nations Inter- governmental Panel on Climate Change, CO2 warming fingerprint does not match reality, violent storms and hurricanes.
Lesson 3 (18:00 min)--Melting icecaps & flooding, the role of the sun, the importance of CO2 for life and other benefits, and the true nature of science.


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