Lucifer's Children: The Kingdomless Kings of the New World Order. by Milan Martin.

Milan Martin was a pastor of Southwest Christian Chapel of Tulsa for seven years.
Milan has read over 300 books and researched the Conspiracy for five years. He explains how Plato's warped ideas of globalism are the foundation for Naziism, Darwinism, New Age, and the New World Order.
In the video you will learn about the VRIL society, the THULE society, the Black Sun organization, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn Society, Himmler, Hitler, hypnosis, I.G. Farbin, CIA black budgets, FBI division five, Jekyll Island, Ku Klux Klan, Order of the Black Rose, Tavistock Institute, Teutonic Knights, and much more.

DVD only
2 hours-40 mins. ($25.00)

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