"One World = Freedom Lost" - Joel Skousen

Joel Skousen is currently the publisher of the World Affairs Brief - a weekly Internet news analysis service. He is a political scientist, by training, specializing in foreign policy, as well as the philosophy of law and U.S. Constitutional theory. Each week he focuses on helping his readers understand the hidden globalist agenda behind U.S. foreign and domestic policy. He has developed a working theory to explain the West's confliction policies of both supporting and attacking, at different times and places, seemingly contradictory positions on terrorism, Communist-backed revolutions, drugs, money laundering and organized crime.

As a former Marine infantry officer and fighter pilot, he is intimately familiar with security and defense issues. Mr. Skousen travels widely and reads and speaks multiple foreign languages--enabling him to access a wide range of foreign reports. His insights into the future of this country based on current governmental decisions help us to understand what we need to do now.

Hear Mr. Skousen explain the current trend to disarmament, where the Iranian situation will lead this country and the world, and how the Obama Health Care reform bills will all eventually force everyone into a single payer government system.

Mr. Skousen gives us a look into the future to explain the present attacks to our freedom and where they will lead this country.

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