"Partners In Treason: The CFR-CIA-Castro Connection" with Servando Gonzalez

In our previous episode of TruthLies, "Treason in America: The Council on Foreign Relations," Servando provided extensive evidence that a group of Wall Street bankers and oil magnates conspired to infiltrate the U.S. Government to control it. Servando has also directed our attention towards the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, as the headquarters of the Council of Foreign Relations the key location where this invisible government resides. Currently, this group of powerful people are secretly implementing, behind the backs of the American people, the creation of a communo-fascist world government under their control; the New World Order.

In this new program Servando shows how the CFR conspirators created the OSS and Iater the CIA to advance and protect their own interests. He also shares facts that the CFR is actually an intelligence agency, and the CIA its armed branch in charge of covert operations of sabotage, subversion, terrorism, and psychological warfare.

With this powerful new episode of TruthLies "Partners in Treason, The CFR/CIA, Castro Connection", Servando shares his insight after years of research and data he's collected that describes how the CFR conspirators recruited Fidel Castro in 1948, and sent him to Bogota, Colombia, as an agent provocateur to kill Colombian leader Gaitan and start the Bogotazo riots. Secret CFR agents in Bogota at the time blamed the Communists for the riots. The Bogotazo psy-op started the Cold War in the Western Hemisphere a very profitable period for the bankers and the military industrial complex.

Servando also explains how Castro promoted guerrilla activity which resulted in the flight of capital from Latin America to U.S. banks, and how Castro's invasion of Angola in 1975 put the country in the hands of American banks and transnational corporations. Servando also reveals Castro's possible role in the fateful 9/11 events.

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