"The Sheriff: More Power Than the President" - Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack is the Sheriff that stood up to defend the U.S. Constitution and the autonomy of Sheriffs across the country. His lawsuit in 1994 and subsequent victory at the U.S. Supreme Court proved once and for all that the Sheriff is indeed the ultimate law enforcement authority in his county and in this country.

What rights does the U.S. Constitution actually guarantee? Why is it important to keep our means of self-defense? What can we do to remain strong as individuals and families, so that we can remain strong as a nation? What can the Sheriff do to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? A Sheriff is not a bureaucrat and he does not answer to one; he answers to his boss, the citizens. The Sheriff is the employee of the people and exists to serve and protect them in all matters. To uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution is a Sheriffs primary duty and sworn responsibility. How do we "re-educate" our Sheriffs of their duty to the people, not the federal government? What about all the federal funding, how does it affect a Sheriffs ability to do his job?

Sheriff Mack is the man to answer all our questions. Be prepared to learn what incredible power the people, through their elected Sheriff, really have available to them if they decide to use it. You will definitely be enlightened and empowered after hearing Sheriff Mack.

60 min. DVD ($19.95)

DVD with "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" by Sheriff Mack ($24.95)

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