"The Watchers: UFOs Are Real, Burgeoning And Not Going Away"

Dr. LA Marzulli, reknown on talk shows and author of "Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural" hosts one of the most informative discussions yet on UFOs and the unexplained phenomena of our time. This program attempts to answer the following questions:

what are these lights in the sky?
what factual proof is there of UFOs?
can you give art example?
are people interacting with UFOs now?
what is going on at ECETI Ranch? (a UFO highway?)
what are "orbs?"
what does the "Guidebook of the Supernatural" say about these things?
why do people feel the phenomena is benevolent?
what other phenomena is going on?

The Watchers then delves into the unexplained phenomena including cattle mutilations, human mutilation, the abduction phenomena and implants.

Dr. Roger Leir, world expert on surgically removing alien implants gives his most in depth interview to date, with surgical footage and actual physical evidence of what these implants contain.

DVD, 52 min. ($19.95)

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