"Wide Is The Gate: The Emerging New Christianity - Volume TWO of a Multi-Part Series"

ABOUT THIS DVD: 5 PARTS - 40 MINS EACH: Experts interviewed by Caryl Matrisciana for WIDE IS THE GATE VOLUME 2 include Eric Barger, Jason Carlson, Mike Gendron, Sarah Leslie, Jan Markell, Tom McMahon, Johanna Michaelsen, Brenda Nickel, Roger Oakland, Chris Quintana, Warren Smith, Ray Yungen, Paul Wilkinson and others.

Topics our guests discuss include:

  • History Of Evangelicalism
  • The Social Gospel Embraced By Evangelicals & Youth Outreach
  • Progressive Christianity Merges With Left Politics
  • Environmentalism, Global Warming & Mother Earth
  • Kingdom Now - Dominionism In Mainline Christianity
  • Ecumenical Movement - Roman Catholic And Protestant Denominations Unite
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Chrislam - Christianity And Islam Work Together
  • Contemplative Spirituality - Mysticism Christianized
  • Augustianism Revived
  • Emergent Movement - What Is It? Where Is It Taking Evangelicalism?
  • Replacement Of Israel As Church Theology
  • End Times Prophecy
  • Last Days Spiritual Seduction
  • Our Hope In Christís Return

    "Back in 1984 Caryl Matrisciana's "Gods Of The New Age" spoke to my heart in a way that changed my life. I have to say she has done it again with the "Wide Is The Gate" Series. Her investigative and cinematic skills compel one to examine where they actually stand on the basic foundations of the Christian Faith. What unfolds in this DVD is impossible to ignore or discount. It grabs you by the neck and says, "Wake Up Church!"
    Ray Yungen, Researcher, Author

    "There are a multitude of teachers within Christianity, discerning Christians know not all speaking for the Church are of sound (Biblical) doctrine. I'm grateful to Caryl Matrisciana who is not just a filmmaker but also one of the best researchers I know. Many Christian leaders wouldn't have the courage to present the inconvenient truths found in this DVD series. Caryl has counted the cost and is willing to present cutting-edge information."
    Jan Markell, Olive Tree Ministries

    "Brilliantly produced, well researched...should be viewed by every Pastor. It lays bare today's deceptive movements and popular trends leading an undiscerning Church away from Biblical Christianity into the ecumenical unity of the One World religion of the coming Anti-Christ. This series gives an urgent warning and calls for a return to the Faith once for all delivered to the Saints."
    Johanna Michaelsen, Author: The Beautiful Side of Evil

    "Very few are sounding the alarm about the current state of the Church which is awash in what some call New Spirituality or Emerging Christianity. This DVD series takes the Biblical mandate to be Bereans and looks at the modern Church through Scriptural eyes. Then, it asks the necessary question: are these the days about which the Bible warns? Is this apostasy yet another sign that Jesus Christ will soon return for His faithful Church?"
    Pastor Chris Quintana, Calvary Chapel of Cypress, California

    DVD - 216 min. ($39.95)

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